Voyage of the Shade is a Swedish/Norwegian melodic death metal band formed in 2010 by ex-Shadow Voyage members Peter Kardensi and Richard Gregsen. The band was formed after Kardensi and Gregsen fired Shadow Voyage vocalist Erik Sturgens, resulting in the departure of his brother guitarist Niklas and another founding member, lead guitarist Martin Vargeld. After court proceedings; Kardensi and Gregsen, along with Johan Rekse who had initially been brought on as Erik Sturgen's replacement, were granted the latest recordings, but had to use them under a new name, choosing the similar Voyage of the Shade.

The band also consists of Harold Hardensi and Geofri Junderssen on guitar, recruited after the band's initial creation. The band took the Shadow Voyage of what would be the new album for the band; meaning that Shadow Voyage will have to record new material and Voyage of the Shade can release the studio work as their own due to the court ruling. Voyage of the Shade signed to Nefari Records; a Norwegian based record company. Johan Rekse has confirmed on the band's site,, that an album containing those recordings, called Shade of the Moon would arrive in October.


Studio albumsEdit

Band membersEdit

Current members
  • Johan Rekse - vocals (2010-present, Defilious, Circles of Sacrifice)
  • Harold Hardensi - lead gutiar (2010-present, Circles of Sacrifice)
  • Geofri Junderssen - guitar (2010-present, Tombs of the Nephren)
  • Peter Kardensi - bass (2010-present, Shadow Voyage, Obscurum Atheria)
  • Richard Gregsen - drums (2010-present, Shadow Voyage, Temple of Ash)

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