Harry Potter. Harry, Ron and Hermione complete their seventh year. When Harry falls in love with Ginny, an new threat arrives in Hogwarts. Epilouge, What Epilouge?


It had been an month. An month since the second wizarding war had finished. An month when people lost their loved ones, and those who lost their homes.

He still had nightmares. He remembered the time when he, Ron and Hermione had fought in the ministy of magic, not knowing if they would be killed.

He remembered when Ron left the two. He remembered when he and Hermione were attacked by Nagina. He remembered when Ron returned, and they learned about the deathly hallows.

He remembered when Hermione was tortured and how Dobby the elf saved them, but Bellatrix Lestrange had killed the elf. He remembered when they broke into Gringrotts, all to destroy horcruxes which would kill Tom Riddle.

He remembered when he learned the truth about Dumbledore. He remembered when he, Hermione and Ron fought at the battle of hogwarts, in one last chance to save the world.

He remembered Molly's cries when she saw Fred had died. He remembered he and his friends burst into tears when Lupin and Tonks were found, murdered.

But he must continue on with his life. So he must return to Hogwarts. Yes, Harry Potter was going to hogwarts, so he could catch up on his education, even though he learned most of the spells anyway.

One Hermione and Harry TalkEdit

Harry woke up, covered in sweat. Another dream. He got up from his bed, wearing only his boxers. He looked out the window and was nearly in tears.

He saw Molly by the old oak tree. He saw the gravestone's. One named Fred Weasley. The other was named Arthur Weasley. Arthur was killed when Lavendar Brown accidently sent the killing curse of him.

Molly was heartbroken. Her son and husband died on the same night. After the dreadful battle, Molly had lashed out to everybody.

However, Ginny had managed to sort her out the next week, and Molly was back to her old self. Ron, however, was paler than ever.

He became an mute until Molly managed to sort him out aswell. Just then, the door opened, drowning out Harry's thoughts.

Hermione was there, holding crookshanks. "You found him to", Harry said. "Yeah. Mrs. Weasley found him attacking an gnome", Harry chuckled at the thought.

"You okay", Hermione asked. "I'm fucking not okay. I can't believe everything is back to normal", Harry confessed. "Me too", was the reply.

Last week, Hermione and Harry went to find Hermione's parents. Alan and Janet Granger were found dead. Hermione was shocked when she found an baby girl upstairs.

Alan was found naked in the bathtup, scars all over. Hermione puked and Harry paled, but he kept strong. The worst was Janet. She was stuffed dead, naked, in the cuboard.

Hermione found out the baby name is Lily, and Hermione wanted to care for Lily. Harry agreed, if it was okay for Molly.

Molly was happy at the news, and Lily was the centre of attention to all of the weasleys. Molly and all the other weasleys were coping becuase of Lily.

Hermione and Harry heard Lily cry. "I sent Minerva an owl about Lily in Hogwarts. She is okay about it, as long as me, you and Ron look after her", Hermione explained.

"Sure, but keep an eye out for Ron", they both chuckled.

Two Ginny's ScreamEdit

Ginerva Weasley sighed as she read the charms book. She was worried sick when Harry, Ron and Hermione had left to fight Voldermort.

She remembered what happened in Hogwatrs. How Luna was pushed down the stairs by Malfoy. How Nevile was beat up by Goyle. How she was an coward and hiding in the room of requirment.

When Harry arrived, it was an dream came true. Until the battle of hogwarts started. When Ron told her how they were down in the chamber of secrets, Ginny puked. She couldn't belive they entered the chamber.

After what happened in her first year. Ginny threw the charms book in her luggage. She was leaving for hogwarts, and was delighted that Harry, Ron and Hermione was put in her class to catch up.

Ginny looked at her mirror. There was an young beautiful redhead staring back at her. She remembered when she was little, saying to anyone who would lisiten that she was going to marry Harry Potter.

She still couldn't believe it when Harry and her kissed. They were dating ever since the battle of Hogwatrs. She wanted things to take one thing at an time, to avoid another break up.

Ginny heard Hermione and Harry talking, so Ginny lisitened. "I think Ron won't be pleased", Hermione's voice. "Why shouldn't he", replyed Harry.

"He can't handle Lily, he could barely hold her and his face will immediatly go strawberry red", Hermione answered. Ginny adored Lily. Infact, Hermione made her the godmother.

Lily Molly Granger Weasley was adorable. She wished she had kids, even though she was barely out of Hogwarts, they were just to darned cute.

Ginny heard an crack beneath her bed. Ginny slowly crept down to see what it was. And screamed.

Three ChrystalEdit

Harry, Hermione and Molly ran inside and saw an pale cold hand, pulling Ginny's head. Molly fainted and Hermione face paled.

Harry stepped on the pale hand. He would use magic, but he would rather face on an army of dementors without an wand if Ginny was in trouble.

There was an shriek and the hand disapeared. Ginny was crying, and she Harry hugged her. Just then, Ron and George came in to see what was happing.

"Mum", the two yelled when they saw her lying on the ground. Molly was quickly rushed into St.Mungo's, and they got some news.

The healer, Sarah Jenkins came in the waiting room. "I have some good news. Molly is in an coma but it will only last three day", everyone smiled.

"However, if anything happens to her family again, she will unleash her powers onto her youngest children", she said. "What powers", Ron asked when he saw Ginny looked as if she would faint.

"Mrs. Weasley had an deal from Death. She was told that she could have an girl, the girl will become an chrystal, an human form of an dementor, if she suffered from too much pain".

Everyone stared at Ginny in horror. Harry held onto her hand. "No", Harry heard her whispered. "It is okay Ginny. No matter what happens, i will love you no matter what", and he kissed her on the cheek.

However, Hermione slowly backed away. "Mione, what are you doing", Ron asked. "If Ginny becomes one of those, she will kill all those she loves", and with that, Hermione ran away, Ron after her.

Ginny had tears in her eyes. "Don't worry, she is just upset, thats all", and the two shared an hug, and George simply walked off to Molly's room.

Four They Meet At LastEdit

Ron was eating an chocklate frog and Ginny and Nevile were playing exploding snap. Hermione apologised to Ginny, and Ginny accepted the apology.

Harry was snuggling Lily while talking to Hermione about the new ministry of magic. Lily looked out the window and giggled. Ginny loved Lily's giggling. It made her heart warm.

Meanwhile, Molly Weasley and Bill were talking. "So i talked to Charlie last week. He is coming home", Molly started to scream in delight.

Just then, they heard an pop outside the back. Molly opened the door and gasped. There was Bellatrix Lestrange. "I killed you", Molly whispered in shock.

"Not entirly, you bitch", and Trix used the killing curse at Molly. Befour Molly was killed, Bill quickly dived in front of her. Molly screamed when Bill fell down, dead.

However, Something strange began to happing. Bellatrix noticed the house going up in flames. Molly screamed when the ground beneath her emerged an hole.

Skeleton fingers popped up and Molly collapsed. "No". Bellatrix quickly apparated. "Ginny, no", Molly was scared. Ginny was going to kill her friends.

Befour Molly could run, Death quickly got up and jumped to Molly. He pushed her against the flames wall and started to strangle her.

"Don't worry", Molly heard Death whisper. "Poor Ginerva will kill baby Lily and then her friends. Lily is their only hope", and befour Molly could reply. she disapeared.

The only evidence that Molly Weasley existed, was when her wand fell beside the burning house.

Five Minerva's PushEdit

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