571px-KW Wolverine low detail model

Evil Sith Mini Walkers

761px-CNC4 Titan Mk II In-game LoRes Render

Evil Sith Heavy Walker

589px-AvatarWarmech CC3 Art1

Omega Superheavy Walker crushing a tank

Walkers are basic vehicles that uses legs over threads and wheels. The sith Legion widely use walkers but the Autobots have a transforming Walker called the Viking.

The Sith Legions unique modified Redeemer Walkers

392px-Goliath SC2 Rend1

Goliath Sith Walkers

Walker Models


Titan Heavy Walker

Wolverine Mini-walkers

Viking Transforming Assault Walkers

Omega Large Laser Walkers

Dark Redeemer class walkers

T-773 Death Walkers

Goliath Combat Walker

Giant Sombrero Droids (De Facto Walkers)


The Walkers the sith uses resembles Terran Thors, Goliaths, Protoss Stalkers, Zerg Brutalisks, Nod Avatar Walkers, Scrin Annihilator Tripods and even many walkers GDI uses including Wolverines and titans and the Mastodon walkers.

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