Harry Potter: Harry and Cho. Seamus and Ginny. Not All Is Well. Harry/Cho Seamus/Ginny Harry/Ginny

One: Drink

Ginevra Molly Finnigan sighed as she continued to rub hard on the dirty plate. Her head hurt, after what had happened yesterday.

She heard a ding. She looked up. Seven. He was always at home at about ten. She heard her little girl run downstairs.

"Mummy". Ginny turned around, and saw her little girl, Jessica Hermione Finnigan. She had Red Hair. In Fact, she looked like Ginny all over, which caused Seamus to be jealous.

"Yes, hun", Ginny asked. "Daddy phoned me. He said he would be back right now".

Just then, there was a CRACK. Ginny's eyes widened. "Jessica". Ginny picked up Jessica, and quickly dashed upstairs.

Seamus must have found out about Ginny's secret. That she had cheated on him with Harry James Potter.

She opened the door, and closed it with a flick of her wand. She heard yells.

"Mummy, i'm scared", Jessica wailed. Ginny heard big footsteps. He was coming.

"Jessica, hold my hand", Ginny commanded. Jessica did as she was told. She tried to apparate, but she couldn't.

The Door kicked open. "SLUT", Seamus yelled.

Seamus had the cheek, as he continued to sleap with his whores, Ginny thought as she backed away, holding Jessica.

"Please", Ginny pled. SLAP. Ginny fell to the ground. "Jessie, run", Ginny whispered. Jessica did as she was told, as Seamus put himself on top of Ginny.

Ginny screamed as Seamus raped her.

Two: Party All Night

"Harry, hurry up. We are going to be so late", Cho Potter sighed. She was overweight, and her once beautiful black hair was now golden golden.

She became a big slut the moment Harry had married her. She had the Potter Fortune, and Harry was sure she tried to poison him once.

"Baby", Cho wailed, she couldn't get her dress on. "Why did you fire Kreature, and Winky".

"Here", Harry rolled his eyes, as he managed to get the dress on.

"You Know, Adam Longbottom is a cute boy. Lily could marry him", she said. Lily Eve Potter was their daughter.

"That's it Cho. I want a divorce", Harry yelled. Cho blinked back tears. "A Divorce", she whispered. Harry knew she was faking crying.

"Yes, a fucking divorce", he said. "You Can't Do That".

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