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Mammoth Tank commander

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M1 Abrams

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Armed himself with many weapons in his M1 Abrams tank mode.

Stealth Force Mode

Armed himself with many weapons in his M1 Abrams tank mode.

Warpath thinks he's a lot more impressive than his comrades do. Certainly, no one would argue with his sharpshooting ability. It just seems at times he's more concerned with showing off than the welfare of the Autobots as a whole. But his boisterous, loud-mouthed personality makes him welcome company and his raucous sense of humor can bring cheer to the gloomiest situations. Only one thing seems to upset him: any small nick or scratch to his gun barrel. He's both very proud and very vain about his weapon. His comrades fear that if his gun ever suffered anything as big as a dent, Warpath might be too depressed to talk for a month! He sometimes play Starcraft II and violent military video games due to the games has alot of destruction.

Warpath was good friends with Powerglide and mostly team up with Powerglide during a battle.

Warpath was one of many Autobots that got Petrified by Gigatron when the Autobots tried to team up against Gigatron. He was later unpetrified after Gigatrons defeat.

Warpath was seen in the Battle of Korriban where he help defeat the Predacons but was badly injured by the Sith Magic of Darth Grievous.

Warpath was hailed as a hero after the Transformers Wars across Coruscant.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the Future Warpath was killed during the Autobots last stand against the Sith. He rallied the Mammoth Tank and Guardian tank battalions and the last and the tank transforming robots but despite their firepower they were killed by giant dragons that crushed them all to dust.


In his tank mode, Warpath can travel over the roughest terrains at speeds of up to 30 mph. He can hit a hex-nut at a distance of 1.5 miles with a shell from his gun. He has a variety of shells available to him: explosive, thermal, cryogenic, acid, and sonic, among others. His thick vanadium-steel armor can withstand all but the toughest blows. He has great strength in tank and robot modes.


A retool of 2007's Deluxe class Brawl, this version features a desert camouflage colour scheme similar to the 2008 Fast Action Battlers Desert Blast Brawl. The arm issue from the previous release has been corrected and the transparent plastic gears of the initial release have been replaced with opaque, less fragile ones.

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