Warped is an upcoming album by Roberto Hoffer. The album will be released in the early 2011, and will have so far confirmed 7 tracks. The genre is a fusion of Electronic and Rap with Pop and one song following Rock like beats.


so far on the album thats confirmed:)

Warped is said to have a positive Electro Pop feel to it. Warp is said to maybe be the first single but competing with Poison in de bottle. Robert says it tells about partying and the start of fame and hearing that you hear somthing else than others, like you hear party, fame, money but people see and hear conceded, greedy, and no real family.. Warp means getting warped into fame.

Poison in de bottle the maybe lead single between Warped. Poison in De Bottle has a Rap Pop to it. It is explained that poison in de bottle means how when you feel horrible after the break ups or somthing that people put on you so it explains that poison being your heartless words being sent to a perosn to be opened adn payback really tew.

Wolverine has a Rock feel to it but more of Soft Pop tew. Wolverine was explained to be sexual hidings being mysterous and powerfull no one knowing who you really are as roberto explains he is bi but never really came out to much but was very secretive with it.

A Remix of the original having a Pop version sorta like pinks. This was put onto the album because it was very new outlook to the song and explaining and vamp it more up. Roberto says he love that song so he decided to make one of his own and will change words to his so hes not stealing. it is also gonna be on his album remixes R..O..B..The Remixes

Breath is a differant song having a softer look on it and beat. Breath tells how when your nervous or afraid is just to breath and stay calm and everybodies there to support you.Roberto also said his aunt told him to remember this so he made a song to tell how he feels.

Bad Influence brings back to the album Electro and Pop beats. Robert explains how Bad influence means how theres a whole bunch of bad influences arounf there and he doesnt want to be sucked into drug, alchohal, cutting ect.

Just a Pill is sorta a Rock feel beat song. Just a pill means hoe if you feel horrible and a pill may make you feel good it always hits you back and find yourself helpless adn everybodie disappointed. well he explains how he took tew pills and people around him wee dissapionted..

Meaning of the Album

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