Warrior Chronicles is a show from 984 Studios. It has been their most difficult task, and has seen several seasons and multiple webisodes.

Outline Edit

The outline folllows Cmd. Yarbo and his four other men, as part of an Operations Team. They work as vigilantes, but when they attract Satan himself by accident, nothing is as it seems as the Operations Team races to stop them...

The show takes place in Toronto, Ontario. (The episodes are plots connected and based on the Guitar Hero setlists.)

The characters are:

Cmd. John Yarbo - The leader, Yarbo knows his men like the back of his hand and would do anything for their safety, even if it means compromising the job.

Lt. Darman Norris - A self-proclaimed "manly-man", "Chuck" Norris is a tank. He is the strongest man on the team. Ironically, he is also the tech expert.

Sgt. Bartholomew Roberts - The British team member, Black Bart is the interrogations officer, nicknamed for his ruthless methods. However, he has a kind heart, as demonstrated by his relationship with Sarah.

SSgt. Tad Matthews - Tad is known as the spy, a master of espionage. He is also equipment master.

Lt. Sarah Williams - Sarah is a female, but that doesn't mean she's sucky: she's the team's sniper, and the best shot with almost any gun. She is in a relationship with Sgt. Roberts.

Jez Macabre - Jez is another female, assigned to work with the Commander. She works as point man before she is killed in Cowboys From Hell.

Season 1 Edit

I Love Rock & Roll - A non action oriented episode, this introduces the Operations Team: one female, three men, one commander. They are currently off work, and it displays the brotherhood, as well as the one-sided relationship between Bart and Sarah. The episode is named by the music which plays, which is John's favorite music.

I Wanna Be Sedated - On their first job of the year, the Operations Team is sent to apprehend a man who literally wants to be sedated to the point of death. When all but lethal means stop him, the Team has to carefully plan out their options.

Thunder Kiss 65 - Tad moves in, armed with a silenced and laser sighted Five-seveN, to end a crime ring. He does so by satellite maps provided by Darman.

Smoke On The Water - Sarah's cabin is set on fire by a group of people with shady connections. The Operations Team manages to incapacitate them... and accidentally invokes an evil far more terrifying than ever imagined.

Iron Man - The Ops Team is ordered to stop a man wearing an experimental powered armor suit. However, it proves much more difficult than they imagined, and the team is forced to briefly discuss implementing a block-wide EMP to seal the man inside his armor.

More Than A Feeling - Bart finally reciprocates Sarah's feelings, and they tell the rest of the team. Surprisingly, they get nothing more than a friendly slap on the back, and a reminder from Yarbo: "Don't let your love stop us from finishing the job or helping other teammates."

You've Got Another Thing Coming - A cult burns a few houses before the Operations Team is sent in. Quick analyses leads to a problem...they're the same cult from before. Worse, they don't appear to be doing it willingly...

Take Me Out - A man calls in with a bomb threat, determined to end his own life. But when the Ops Team discovers he's faking, but has a gun, should they put the man out of his own misery or move in and apprehend him?

Sharp Dressed Man - For their first date, Bart and Sarah get dressed well. But they're forced to drop the cutesy impressions and seek out a radio when the same cult from before attacks the entire building - looking to slaughter everyone. Their only hope is reaching the phone and calling in the other three Ops Team members before it's too late...

Killer Queen - Satan begins a plan to end the world and bring about Armageddon early. In the meanwhile, the Ops Team is forced to respond to a series of killings by a cougar, but ends up figuring out the lady is a lot worse than she seems...

Hey You - The Ops Team becomes famous among the cult members, and is ambushed in the open with nothing more than their hands to defend themselves with. However, Norris figures out something: "This guy's eyes were red before. When I killed him, they turned back to normal." It looks like the Ops Team is in deep shit for this one...

Stellar - Satan crafts an extra star and holds it close to the Earth, hoping to trigger Armageddon. Realizing what they're up against, the Team races to find the hub of the star and blow it apart before humanity crashes and burns.

Heart Full Of Black - Bart is almost killed by a cult member. Worse: he is poisoned. The Ops Team is forced to respond without Bart, and almost dies during what would be considered a routing anti-terrorist mission.

Symphony of Destruction - Satan's Army appears, and begins destroying Toronto. The Ops Team, realizing that they are unmatched against this possessed military, calls in the Canadian Forces for assistance.

Ziggy Stardust - A Ziggy Stardust impersonator and reporter manages to get an interview with the Ops Team. But he siphons secrets, and the Team is forced to abandon their base after Satan's Army bombs it into ruins.

Fat Lip - Bart wakes up, having missed a lot. Sarah kisses him for returning, then punches him in the kisser for leaving. With Bart on their side, the Ops Team gets themselves ready for the war of a lifetime...

Cochise - The Ops Team is forced to respond to the first signs of Christian LMOES (last men on earth), who seem dependent on killing everyone else to ensure their own survivial. In the meanwhile, strange graffiti tags begin appearing across Toronto...

Take It Off - Bart and Sarah make out, before the phone rings: the Ops Team is being called in to defuse a bank robbery gone sour. But when Satan's Army arrives, the stakes grow ever higher.

Unsung - When the Ops Team is in a real bind, Jez Macabre, a Mexican female, helps them out. She is accepted onto the team as pointman.

Spanish Castle Magic - Satan's Army relocates. Knowing they are in a Spanish castle, the Spaniard Army assists the Ops Team in crushing away what remains of Satan's Army. But Satan's real military is massing, preparing for its strike.

Higher Ground - Thanks to Satan's influence, the La Palma tsunami arrives in 2011. The Ops Team is forced to help the US Army in a completely wrecked city with few survivors - all of them hostile and armed to the teeth.

No One Knows - Lt. Norris attempts to figure out just what Satan's Army is. He then discovers a truth so horrifying he nearly dies of a heart attack. Now the Ops Team realizes the extreme danger they face...

Ace Of Spades - Satan brings out the Malacoda, a winged demon. Though the Malacoda wounds Jez heavily, the Ops Team clips its wings - literally, with bursts of gunfire.

Crossroads - As Satan's army emerges from the Earth, the Ops Team recruits the best of the world's militaries to prepare for the ultimate assault.

Godzilla - A Godzilla-esque creature - another Alpha Demon - attacks Tokyo, backed up by thousands of other demons. Though the Ops Team tries, by the time they defeat the Demon, Tokyo is in ruins and the entire Japanese government is dead. Japan falls into extreme ruin shortly after Season 1 due to infighting.

Texas Flood - Satan's military attacks Houston, Texas, hoping to launch an unholy missile. The Ops Team races to stop them from firing the missile, which would begin Armageddon... but is it already too late?

Frankenstien - Satan and his trillion-strong army emerges from the earth in the central US. They begin carving a swathe of destruction as the Ops Team fights to stop more unholy rockets from being launched.

Cowboys From Hell - The Ops Team manages to strike down each of the Four Horsemen - but Jez is tragically killed by War when he breathes fire and dissolves her instantly.

Bark At The Moon - With nothing else to lose, Yarbo heads directly towards Satan, to end the war once and for all. When he confronts Satan, he says, "Sure, you may end humankind. But in the end you will lose. Because you don't got enough souls in your army to make a hell of a difference in the war against God. The man upstairs has quadrillions of angels ready to fight. You aren't ready." With words of wisdom, the Ops Team manages to stop Armageddon... for now.

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