Warrior Spawn are the combat stage and main military unit employed by a Spawn infestation.


Imp Spawn

The Imp Spawn is the product of a Human becoming infected with a Seed Spawn. The infected Human will grow long tendrils in place of its hands, and a large spread open jaw, capable of opening to an obtuse angel. Its skin grows pale and flabby, and large folds of skin cover its decaying face and most of its mouth. Because they are blind, they will constantly utter dull guttural noises and screeches to see through sound waves, much like a bat.

War Spawn

A War Spawn is an infected Purist. The rear of their heads are sharpened into a point for defensive purposes and have a torso and face much like an Imp Spawn, the only real difference is that they are taller, and more powerful, they also have bi jointed legs like their host creature. They also utter noises to see.

Brute Spawn

The Spawn infected Fiend is the largest and strongest of the 3 types of Spawn Warriors. Like its brethren, it is encompassed by large folds of dead skin and thick tentacles. Its head is shorter than the rest and a longer neck. It is the tallest and usually hunched over. It also can run faster. Like its brethren it utters noises to see.


When infected, a Warrior Spawn is much more powerful than its host creature. They are however blind and have acute hearing and smell. They can't jump very high but can run very fast. They can enter a sort of berserk rage where they will constantly attack rapidly and furiously.


Because of the DNA Reflex, Hybrids have been reported, although only one victim is known of. Shawn was infected by a Seed Spawn that infected a bird-like creature previously and so he was transformed into a massive featherless grotesque awry black thing. He was killed by Jon while Cody activated The Atlas.

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