We All Scream For Facebook is a 2019 Ensemble Cast Slasher film from writer Ehren Krueger (He of the Ring, Skeleton Key and Scream 3) and director Grant Heslov the director of the hit The Men Who Stare at Goats.

The film is set up much in the vein of the Scream series as it is self-referential (not complete meta-film style though) and possesses articulate youth characters with somewhat grisly demises.

The film was released theatrically on January 1st along with the remake horror film New Year's Evil.

The film was also among the rare few which had screenings in IMAX theaters.

It stars Helena Bonham Carter, George Lopez, Teen Sensation actor who debuted famously with the first Step Up film and has since gone onto even be a model: Channing Tatum, Twilight Bella Swan (also avid teen sensation) Kristen Stewart, Alexandra Daddarrio, Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim actor and famous actor from Superbad) Nikki Blonsky of the Hairspray film, Lauren Storm, Arlen Escaparata (whom is ranking up to being in already four horror films total besides from this one), Alex Pettyfer (of Stormbreaker and I Am Number Four), Jonathen Lipnicki (the boy with the glasses who famously played George Little from Stuart Little and since then continued onto to be a child sensation), Famous Rachel McAdams (her of the Notebook and Mean Girls whom had made only another suspensful appearence in Wes Craven's thriller Red Eye), Jennifer Lawrence, Hollyood A-List Actress and longtime famous actress Demi Moore's whose oldest daughter Rumer Willis made a popular appearence as a protagonist character in the remake slasher film Sorority Row, Insidius Dad and Little Children Dad Patrick Wilson, The Village and Spider-Man 3 rising actress Bryce Dallas Howard whom has appeared in a long bevy of films as of far, Other Twilight sensation Rosalie Hale actress Nicki Aycox, Gossip Girl sensation and rising sex icon Penn Badgley and rising model actress Charlotte Sullivan appear as the central cast of the film.

It also briefly features famous platinum pop star singer Jason Mraz (singer of the worldwife famous song I'm Yours) as the mum boyfriend character Colin.

The Facebook tie into the film (as forementioned in the title) is the website being frequently used throughout the film, referenced and being the tie into the motive of the killer targeting the teenagers.


A group of teenagers and adults involved in a facebook bullying comment argument conversation begin to be picked off by a classically dressed maniac.

As it comes down to a short amount of teenagers to stop the elusive murderer targeting them an unorthodox psychologist steps into help: with a deadly past which seems to be the tie up of all the innocent lives being taken.


  • Demi Moore as Cherise Morshower
  • Patrick Wilson as Michael Morshower
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Psychologist Norma McCormick
  • Michael Bailey Smith as The Killer (Costume Wise)
  • George Lopez as Principal Robert Juratowich
  • Channing Tatum as Samuel Deaning
  • Kristen Stewart as Elsie Benjamin-Morris
  • Alexandra Daddarrio as Andrea Rees
  • Michael Cera as Dan Morshower
  • Nikki Blonsky as Dana Dubont
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Angela Frazzten
  • Lauren Storm as Annaleise Anderson
  • Arlen Escaparata as Tre Luvvernart
  • Alex Pettyfer as Richard 'Dick' Roberts
  • Jonathen Lipnicki as Troy Wells
  • Rachel McAdams as Carly Stevens
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Taylor Mitchelmoore
  • Briana Joy Choema as Kaysie Mitchelmoore
  • Jason Mraz as Colin Smithson
  • Penn Badgley as Taylor Fides
  • Nicki Aycox as Emma Rhodes
  • Paul Dano as Brent Youss
  • Charlotte Sullivan as Courtney Lee-Wool

Actors Reunited

With the film in mind Ehren Krueger (the screenwriter who also helmed the third Scream) planned with characters they already have assigned actors whom he visualized in the part but would have to come down and audition to see if they could act the character.

With casting actress Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls and the Notebook as the bitchy but cruel hilarious character Carly Rachel asked if for the character of the cameo Sheriff character of Warragul that he consider casting actor Brian Cox whom had starred alongside her on the Wes Craven film Red Eye.

He went over the film and then called upon Brian to come down and consider auditioning for the role.

From there Ehren for characters whom were either contemporary or ones he hadn't visualized with actors he go over the already cast actors and see if actors they starred alongside in other movies would fit the bill.

Like Twilight Actress Kristen whom had been cast who was heavily known for being one of the main characters of the film series Twilight had an actress who worked with her on the series named Nicki Aycox whom he felt would visually be perfect for the beginning victim character Emma Rhodes.

Death Structure

The death sequences appearing throughout the film are all captured on MP3 video and uploaded directly to facebook of the victim's killing directly after the victim has died. The killers (as revealed there are two involved in the grisly life stripping) possess one facebook profile which is unable to (by almost complete technical shock be deactivated even by the website's elusive creator Mark Zuckerberg.) shut down. The account allows people to post on the wall of the facebook profile but not access the images including the display image (another giant technical wonder).The display is the central killer's masked costume in the always donned hood brandishing the central trench knife which are the killer's primary methods of murder in the film.

Apart from the profile display picture there is a gallery of images album titled Victims.

All of the intended victims are shown at certain normal points of their life crossing the street, at their house etc.

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