a fanfic of Fanboy and Chum Chum


Fanboy and Chum Chum's lair is being fumigated due to their fruit fly farm breaking loose, so they have to Stay at Darcy's. Turns out, Darcy has a totally cool house, and that he knows where the planet Glaceon (Man-Arctica's home planet) is. Appearently, it's 8 million light years away, but there's a shortcut through his linen closet, turns out the global warmer is trying to get to earth, and is headed for the door to Darcy's linen closet, and eventually makes it to earth. And tries to make his way out of the house and to the streets. But befroe he can, he is frosen by Man-Arctica. And they take GW back 2 Glaceon and fire him off the the edge of the universe. And the whole ordeal is made into Man-Artica's next comc book.


David Hornsby as Fanboy

Nika Futterman as Chum Chum, Darcy

Jeff Bennett as Man-Arctica, Global Warmer

Candi Milo as Flicker

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