Wendelin Waverley Waters is the main charatcer of the Tim Burton Original Slasher Film Color. She is the daughter of Eileen Matton Oswald and Gavin Julian Waters. She is a target of serial killer Tahlia Tommorow and the selected target to be the victim representation of the color Blue.

Wendelin Waverley Waters
Biographical information

None due to Survival

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Chronological and political information

Underson School Of Paint


Protagonist, Blue

Alternate mode
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Stealth Force Mode

She was portrayed by Kat Dennings.


Wendelin was born to Eileen Oswald and Gavin Waters July 2nd 1991 at Grace Memorial Hospital Long Island New York. She was raised on 11 Harper Road Cressington Long Island until the age of 16 when she moved out and took up residence with high school friend Judy Juggernaut in Tessla, New York. She then enrolled alongside best friend Judy at the prestigous Long Island Art Academy Underson School Of Paint. There she befriended Jumper Adams, Jessica Joose, Kelly Keeper and Tahlia Tommorow fellow Underson C Class Art Students. She then informed Tahlia that her favorite color is Blue which would lead to her targeting as the victim representation of the color blue. Wendelin's friends beginning with Kelly are killed one by one with the use of a different paint tipped paint brush as a representation of their favorite colors. Wendelin however overpowered Tahlia and killed her with a ticking clock bomb she had hidden in the C Class Classroom.

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