Harry Potter. Petunia and Vernon Dursley accept Harry as if he was one of their own. How would this change things for Harry's life.


"Wake up", Petunia Dursley knocked on her son's door. Dudley Dursley woke up and got out of the bed. He opened the door and saw Petunia.

"What about Harry", Dudley yawned. "He is not well. He must be having the flu", Petunia explained. Harry Potter Dursley, was indeed, sick.

Petunia and Vernon Durlsey had an normal life. They had an son, Dudley, and another boy, Harry, to look after ever since his parents died.

Petunia read the letter that young baby Harry was holding when she first met him. She bursted into tears when she found out Lily had died, along with her husband James Potter.

Petunia quickly accepted Harry and told him everything about the wizarding world. They were waiting for his hogwarts letter to come after school had finished.

Harry got up and moaned. He had the tummy bug which was spreading about Private Drive. Harry quickly got back to his bed and again, moaned.

Two hours later, Petunia was making coffee for her and Vernon when an gingerly owl came in through the window. Petunia screamed and she dropped her cup of coffee.

Vernon quickly ran in. When Harry was bought in, Vernon started to excercise, and started to become very fit indeed. He quickly came red when he saw the owl.

"Vernon, i think it is his letter", Petunia whispered. Vernon took the letter from the owl and read. "It's Hogwarts", Vernon admitted.

Harry overheard, and grinned. He was going to Hogwarts.


Harry was waiting on the train to come. He, Petunia, Vernon and Dudley had been to Diagen Alley and got all of his things. Harry was amazed that he was wealthy and so he bought two pets.

First, there was an snake. He had bought it when he was amazed when he started to talk to it and it talked back. He named it Hiss.

He bought an snowy white owl, who he named Hedwig. Petunia and Dudley adored the owl, while Vernon was afraid of it, and even liked the company of Hiss better than Hedwig.

He saw the train arrived and he smiled at the three. "Be good", Petunia said. "I will", Harry replyed. He said his goodbyes and Harry swore he saw Petunia let out an small tear.

Harry chosed his compartment and put his luggage down. He had decided to change into his ropes befour going on the train, so no one could see him change.

About an hour later, an red haired boy came in. "Can i sit here", he asked. "Sure", Harry replyed. "I'm Ron Weasley, who are you", Ron asked.

"Harry Potter", Harry replyed. "What", Ron let out an gasp. "You are the one who killed you-know-who", Ron said. "I know, but can we please not talk about it", Harry hoped Ron would be the only one who would say this.

About an hour into the ride, Harry had became best friends with Ron. When they bought their sweets, an bushy haired girl came in with an ginger cat and an owl on her shoulder.

"Can i sit here please", she asked. "Sure", Harry and Ron said in unison. "I'm Hermione Granger, You are Harry Potter and i don't know who you are".

Harry, Ron and Hermione became friends and they revealed their pets. Hiss and Hedwig were introduced, and Hiss had terrified Ron and Hermione.

Ron revealed Scrabbers and Harry relised the rat looked familar. "I think i have saw that rat befour", Harry said and Ron laughed. "Rats all look the same, mate".

Hermione revealed the cat to be Crookshanks, and the owl to be Cookie. Cookie was an male, and Hedwig and Cookie hooted at each other. "Lovers", Harry joked.

The trian came to an stop and Hermione and Ron quickly changed. Harry stepped out of the train, and they were led by an half giant who told Harry he was Hagrid, and he knew his parents.

After what seemed to be hours, they were put to the sorting hat. Ron was the first, and the hat yelled "HEIR OF HELGA HUFFLEPUFF", everyone gasped, including Ron's brothers.

Ron was put at the back. Hermione put the sorting hat on her head, and the hat yelled, "HEIR OF ROWENA RAVENCLAW", Hermione gasped, along with the hall, gasped.

Harry was next, and he put the hat on his head. Everyone gasped when Harry's name was mentioned. Harry put the hat on his head. "HEIR OF GODRIC GRYYFINDORE AND SALZAR SYLTHERN".

"What is the matter with this", Dumbledore yelled at the hat.


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