What Happened In London? is an friends fanfiction.Instead of staying,Rachel leaves for London when she relises she can cope.But when she and Monica share an kiss,It leads to something more.Ronica.

One London

Rachel walked to the hotel with her suitcase,Wondering where Monica and the others are."Name,Please",Smiled the old woman behind the reception."Rachel Karen Green",Rachel replyed.

"Write your name,Miss Green",The old woman passed the sheet of paper to her.Rachel wrote down her name and gave the sheet to the woman.

"Room 207",The woman gave Rachel the keys and she smiled as Rachel left.Rachel walked to her room and opened the door.She walked in and relised the room was small for only one person.

It had an bed which had clean sheets,At least that was something.Rachel put her suitcase on the bed and opened the zip.Befour she could unpack,She heard an knock from the door.

"Come in",Rachel said as she started to put her clothes out.The door opened and in came Monica.

"Hey",Rachel said as Monica walked up to her."I just need to tell you that Ross wants to see you",She said."Okay",Rachel put on an fake smile as Monica left the room.She had to tell Ross how she felt befour,Even though she doesn't now.

Rachel left the room and locked the door and continued down the hallway.She was about to walk down the stairs when she heard an thick brittish accent from behind."Rachel"

"Emily",Rachel and Emily hugged."Congratuations on your wedding",Rachel said and smiled.

"Thank you",Emily left for her bedroom,206.Ross was staying in 218,So the two never saw each other until the wedding.Kinda like my birthday,Except with the parents,Rachel thought.

Rachel went to the lounge and saw Ross reading an dinosaur magazine."Ross",She said which made him take his eyes of his magazine."Oh,I've got something to tell you",He said and Rachel sat next to him.
"What is it",She asked."Emily is pregnant and i don't know what to do",He confessed.Rachel was shocked.Emily was pregnant."How did you find out",She worriedly asked."I found an pregnancy test in her room",He said.

"What were you doing in there anyway",She asked him."First day",He replyed."Are you fine with this",Rachel asked him."I will manage.This adds my joy even more",Ross stood up,Said his goodbyes and left.

Later on,Rachel was in her room when someone came in."Joe,Rachel",Monica gulped when she saw it was Rachel."Wrong room",Monica nervously said."You wanted to sleap with Joey",Rachel asked.

"Shhh",Monica covered her mouth."I need to tell you something",Monica sat down in the bed and Rachel sat next to her."What's wrong",Rachel asked Monica."I'm in love.With you",Monica confessed.

"What",Rachel cried out loud."Shh",Monica relised she had made the mistake of telling her.

"I'm sor-",But Monica was cut off when Rachel kissed her right on the lips.Monica and Rachel started to make out and they tounge battled each other.They fell into the bed and started to make out.

Two Life goes on

Rachel and Monica decided to tell Ross when he got back from the honeymoon.He was shocked but accepted the fact.Phoebe gave birth to three healthy children,Which inspired Rachel and Monica to have children.Ross and Emily split up when she reveals she is cheating on him.

They had an girl named Emma Sandra Geller Green.Monica and Rachel got married with the help of Ross,Phoebe,Carol and Susan.Ross and Phoebe made out that day and Phoebe fell pregnant.

The two got married when they relised they were in love.They moved to Long island and they had an child named Lily Jack Geller.Joey left for Los Angelas and came back with his girlfriend,Kate.

They left for Queens when Joey's mother was sick.Kate gave birth to twins Joey Kathy Dina Tribbiani and Vera Gina Tribbiani.

Chandler fell in love with an woman named Mona and they had two children called Madison and Jane.They decided to move in with Ross's old apartment while two gay men,Andrew and Harley went to live in their old apartment.

Andrew and Harley quickly became friends with the friends and Monica and Rachel were delighted they had a gay couple along with them.Phoebe revealed she is pregnant again and she gives birth to Daniel Andrew Geller.

Ross's son,Ben decides to stay with Phoebe and Ross but Ross decides that Carol and Susan can still visit him.With their lives changed,The friends decided that no matter what happens,They are still friends.

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