What Happened Last Summer is an novel that features the friends characters.Rachel,Ross,Monica and Chandler accidently kill an man when drunk driveing.They hide the body and promise to never tell anyone what happened.Now,Next Year,An note is left in Monica's puse,I know what you did last summer.Can they survive the killer they thought they killed the year befour.Also,Ross and Monica are unidentical twins.

One Horror

Rachel Green smiled as she walked up to her friend Monica."Hey Mon",Rachel happily sang."I'm glad you won",Monica shouted over the crowd."Hey,Want to go with your brother Ross and his friend Chandler to the beach"

"Okay,We might as well ask them",Monica walked up to Ross and Chandler,Who was smoeking."Can i and Rachel come with you to the beach"? asked Monica."Sure",Ross replied and he downed the last bit of his vodka."Let's go"

Ross and Rachel were in the front,And Monica and Chandler were at the back.They were chatting about what to do after finishing collage next year and some other stuff."You know,We should like,Put someone else in the driver because i'm drunk",Ross chanted on as his world was spinning.

"LOOK OUT",Rachel screamed but it was too late.The car had knocked down an man and he was up in the air.They all heard an thud from behind and Ross stopped the car.He was now serious and they looked outside.

Rachel opened the door and walked up to the man,Along with Ross and Monica.Chandler was on the lookout incase anyone came."What should we do",Monica had asked.Her mind was full of questions.What happened and how did this happened were chucked at her.

Rachel then collapsed and started to cry.Her life was over now.Ross was the first to speak."We should hide it",He said camly."What",Rachel asked in disbelief.Befour they could question,Chandler was running over to them.

He kicked the body and it went down the hill.They all turned around and saw their friends Joey and Phoebe."Hey Joe,Pheebs",Rachel tried to sound camly as possible."We are just back from the beach,Want to join us",Joey had asked.

"No,We need to try and fix Chandler's car.We nearly crashed the car",Ross tried to act as if nothing was wrong.With that,They shared goodbyes and see you later and the couple drove off.

Just then,Someone behind grabbed onto Monica and the two fell down the hill."HELP",Screamed Monica.Ross and Chandler acted fast and they jumped on the man.Rachel looked on into the fight and bursted into tears.She could not help them.

Chandler found an bottle of whiskey and he smashed it in half.He swung it at the man's head,Causing him to bleed.He tried to get them but passed out from too much blood loss."What do we do",Begged Ross as he looked at the sky,Crying.

"Hide it",Rachel could not believe she just said that,Neither could the others.She had an good heart and never lied.But in an situtation like this,It tore her apart.Without questioning,Rachel,Chandler and Ross dragged the body and threw it in the lake.

"What about Chandler's car",Asked Monica."Dad could buy an new one.Since he gets rich from the gay buisness",Chandler replyed and they all got up into the car and drove off in silence.Meanwhile,The body they threw in the lake,Slowly got his hand up.

Two What Happened Last Summer

Rachel looked outside the window.Thank god this was her last class ever.She had not been doing well since,The incindent.

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