What I've Been Looking For (Troy and Gabriella) is a reprise song by Sherry Reinhart and Abigail Santos. The other singer is Alison Giesinger. SpongeBob auditions for the HSM and HSM2 songs.


Sherry Reinhart: It's hard to believe

Sherry Reinhart: That I could'nt see

Sherry Reinhart: You were always right beside me

Abigail Santos: That I was alone

Abigail Santos: With no one to hold

Both: But you always right beside me

Both: This feeling's like no other

Both: I want you to know

Both: That I've never had someone

Both: That knows me like you do

Both: The way you do

Both: And I never had someone

Both: As good for me and you

Both: No one like you

Both: So lonely before I finally found

Both: What I've Been Looking For

Abigail Santos: Whoo-ooooh


  • This is the third song that the beater of Boobzilla is absent. Stick to the Status Quo and What Time is It were the first and second.
  • This is the second song that the auditions of Toronto is absent. What Time is It was the first.
  • This is the first time a song that Kristi Rudmik is called an octopus.

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