When Worlds Come Alive is a film where an evil mastermind named Kingsley makes a portal to the next dimension, which happens to be the video game worlds' dimension. Starring Dwayne Johnson as John McKormey, Bruce Willis as former Army General Styll, Hugh Jackman as former Army Captain Makran, Christian Bale as Sam Unzin, and Vin Diesel as Barry Kingsley


The film opens as John McKormey is driving to his new job as a Newsanchorman, working for billionare Barry Kingsley. He walks inside, and Kingsley closes and locks the doors, while spraying sleeping gas on all of his employees. John wakes up to see his co-workers dead. No wounds, but their eyes are lifeless and dead. Like their life was sucked out of them. Barry walks up to the door and says, "You're lucky. I didn't need your life force. You may leave." John pretends to leave, and starts snooping around. He finds some sort of portal, and Kingsley is powering it up. Kingsley says he will finally be the king of the world with all the video game villains at his side. The portal opens, ad Altaïr from Assassin's Creed hops out. He points his Longsword at Kingsley, but is stunned by a special laser gun at Altaïr. Next Joseph Allen from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is seemingly thrown out as he too is paralyzed. CJ Johnson comes out from GTA: San Andreas, but is also paralyzed. John McKormey is discovered, and paralyzed. Later, John wakes up locked in the cage with Altaïr, CJ Johnson, Joe Allen, Nick from Left 4 Dead 2, Kratos from God of War III, Jack from BioShock, and an American Soldier from Battlefield. John escapes with his video game colleagues, and finds a Predator being electrified. John notices the shutoff is electrified too, but pulls it to free the Predator. John being unable to use his right hand without a cover, finds a fingerless glove and slips it onto his right hand. He makes a safe room, and fills it with all the guns he can find. John grabs a belt, puts two pistols in the holders, grabs a knife, and straps a M72-LAW, an AUG, an Uzi, and a L96A1 to his back, while grabbing a Ballistic Knife. He paints a bright green Skull and Crossbones on his fingerless glove, and heads out followed by his armed team. Altaïr clears the way with his hidden blade, and John uses his L96 to take out any guards blocking the portal room. They are locked in a cell when they get in, and are only able to watch in horror as thousands of Nazi Zombies, Policemen, Enemy Soldiers, and Knights come out.

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