Where A Kiss Can Lead is an Friends Fanfiction. Monica and Phoebe fall madly in love after they accidently kiss. Meanwhile, Rachel falls in love with Ross, But he is engaged to Mona. Note, Rachel is not pregnant.

One Prolouge

Monica started to sing while in the shower as she started to wash her hair. She and Chandler have just came back from their honeymoon, Which was the best month she has ever had.

Monica turned off the shower after she finished and got out of the bathtub. She grabbed her pink towel and started to wipe the wetness of her body.

When she was finished, She walked out while having her towel wrapped around her. She saw Phoebe and Ross at the breakfest table, eating their breakfest. 'Hey Mon', They both said as they tucked into their sandwhich. 'Hey', She responded as she walked into her bedroom.

After getting changed into a pair of jeans and a black sweater she walked out of the bedroom and saw that Chandler was there with the two.

'Hello you', Monica said as she walked up to him. Chandler greeted her aswell and the two kissed. 'Get a room', Phoebe said sacarsticly.

Meanwhile, Rachel Green was having trouble over her job. Her new boss, Dayle, Was being a bitch. She had just kept Rachel to work even more time now, But won't give her the extra money for the extra time.

'Fuck', Rachel whispered as she dropped a pile of clothes. If Dayle saw, Rachel would be in big big trouble. She quikcly put them up and rushed out of the room.

Rachel then saw

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