Where It Stands is the debut album from American groove metal band Throes of Pestilence, released on January 30, 2002 via Candelbra Records. It is followed by 2004's The Rising Pulse of Mankind. The album charted #40 on the Metal Countdown, with the songs "Demand For Peace" and "Harsh" charting at #47 and #45 respectively.

Background and recordingEdit

After signing to Candelbra in 2001, the band entered the studio with producer Juliano Crescetti to record their first album. The band, minus Tyler Johnson who was organizing matters with Candelbra, laid down majority of the recording in late 2002, in between shows played throughout their area at minor New York venues. Tyler Johnson returned to the studio in December 2001 and laid down his vocal tracks, also attributing to the album's artwork who had commissioned a friend to do. When the band were interviewed in 2004 on the inspirations for Where It Stands, they confirmed Pantera, Metallica, and Slayer had been the main inspirations for the band during the recording process of the album.

Release and receptionEdit

Where It Stands was released on January 30th 2002, and charted at #40 due to Candelbra's popularity amongst the metal community. Other Candelbra acts, including Transgress had charted well in the past also. The first single off the album, Demand For Peace was released in early February, and charted at #45, with its music video receiving moderate airplay on Headbanger's Ball and Uranium. The second single, Harsh, charted at #47 and both songs have since become favorite at the band's hectic live shows. Initial response to the album ranged for generally positive to negative reviews. It received its highest rating from Metalix who said "Where It Stands is an aggressive and unrelenting statement of 21st century metal". Its lowest review came from MetalForFreaks, who gave it 2 star and said "Abundant in obvious Pantera-cliches and Metallica worship, Throes of Pestilence bring nothing new to the scene".

Despite the mixed reception of the album, Throes of Pestilence were invited by New Jersey natives Death Flower to tour with them, which garnered both the young bands' coverage and fans.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Demand For Peace" - 7:00
  2. "Devastation" - 5:44
  3. "Realm of Nothingness" - 4:03
  4. "Dying With Everything" - 7:42
  5. "Harsh" - 3:55
  6. "Declaration of Defeat"
  7. "Vulgarity" - 7:55
  8. "Outro" - 8:00


  • Juliano Crescetti - producer
  • Leon Davenport - artwork
  • Tyler Johnson - vocals
  • Derrick Johnson - guitar, backing vocals on track 6
  • Paul Haige - guitar
  • John "Hammer" Cranston - bass
  • Dan Kiehl

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