"Where the Beach Rose"

Nick and Jerrick








June 24, 2011

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Featuring: Nick, Jerrick

Also Featuring: Kurt Twombly, The Crip Cousins, Chief Howard


Before the Opening Theme: the episode starts with a flashback to four years ago when Jerrick Washington was sixteen-years-old. Jerrick is playing basketball at a public court in Compton, California when three thugs appear and start pushing him around. Jerrick then precedes to fight the thugs but they beat him up. Jerrick then begins to tell a story about how his mother sent him to live in Rose Beach, Florida with his now deceased grandfather.

Main Plot: Nick Lagory has just dropped out of college at Harvard University. Afraid to face his family and friends, Nick decides to never return home to Kentucky and heads down to Florida where he will hide out for the rest of his life. Nick wanders into Rose Beach, Florida which is a quiet little beach town. Speeding through the streets of the town Nick nearly runs over Jerrick Washington who is attempting to cross the street. An enraged Jerrick then chases down Nick who accidentally drives into a dead end alley. Sitting at the back of the alley are members of the local Crip gang: OG Clip, Big Clip, and Lil Clip who then attempt to car jack Nick. Fortunately for Nick, Jerrick arrives and saves Nick by convincing the three gang members to rob a nearby grocery store. Nick and Jerrick then become good friends. Nick then finds out that both of them currently homeless. The duo combines forces to rent out an apartment at the Grandcenter complex which lays alongside the beach.


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