(Nick arrives in Rose Beach Florida and is confused as to where he is at.)

Nick: Where the heck am I?

Officer Howard: Need some help son?

Nick: Yeah where the heck am I?

Officer Howard: Look at the sign kid your in Rose Beach, Florida otherwise known as the place where nothing meets nothing!

(Nick looks at the welcome sign for Rose Beach, Florida and sees the exact same thing that Officer Howard just said on the sign. Also on the sign is the town's population which reads 5,233)

(Nick is now speeding through the streets of Rose Beach and almost hits Jerrick Washington.)

Jerrick: Hey you fool how in the hell can you miss me standing there? Well you ain't going to miss my....well let's not go there but I'm going to still beat you up!

(Jerrick then chases after Nick.)

(Nick is cornered in the alley by the Clip Brothers and is about to be robbed.)

Nick: Oh crap, it's a bunch of Crips!

OG Clip: What you doing in our territory kid?

Nick: Looking for the milk and cookies!

Big Clip: Let's rob 'em!

Lil Clip: Cetter yet lets take this car!

Jerrick: Hey cuzz leave him alone!

OG Clip: It's Jerrick! What you want cuzz?

Jerrick: Let 'em go he ain't in this gang cangin' stuff cuzz!

OG Clip: Fine! Rose Ceach Crips let's roll out!

(OG Clip and the rest of the Clip brothers walk out of the alley, throwing up gang signs as they walk away.)

(After the incident in the dead alley, Nick and Jerrick are now hanging out on the sidewalk outside the alley.)

Nick: Thanks for helping me out back there.

Jerrick: It's no problem, you seem to be new around here.

Nick: Idiot I almost hit you on the way into town.

Jerrick: Oh yeah...that's right.

(Nick and Jerrick arrive at the Grandcenter Apartments where they see Kurt Twombly, the manager, sitting at the front desk watching television.)

Nick: Excuse me sir, me and my buddy would like to rent out a room here.

(Kurt then chokes on an onion ring that he is eating.)

Kurt: Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!

Nick: What?

Kurt: I don't know...your on the third floor...I think I peed on myself.

Nick: Okay...that wasn't awkward.

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