This game is about Spanx and Redmond finally out of the evil compony, Genron, and meeting Jake on his adventure to rescue his love interest, Daisy. It will be rated "T" for crude humor, mild violince and comic mischief


Spanx and Redmond end up in Clarksville, where they meet Jake the Foxhound. Jake shows them Daisy, whome he has a crush on. They all here that Daisy's in trouble and go find her. Jake is taken by two dog-nappers and Spanx and Redmond go rescue their new friend. They sucseed and free Jake, but Daisy is taken away with the dog-nappers. Jake's owner finds Jake and sees he has new friends and decides to play a game with them. After thier done playing, Jake, Spanx and Redmond resume finding Daisy, until they run into the dog catcher. They escape him and go to Lake Minniwawa. The dog-nappers are shown to be working for the dog hatting Ms. Peaches. The dog-nappers then find a way to Lake Minniwawa. After arriving to Lake Minniwawa, the three friends explore for a while and then find out that the next place they need to go is Boom City. The dog catcher comes back and they narrowlly escape the dog catcher's Doberman. They leave to Boom City. The dog-nappers are still hot on their trail and head off to Boom City. When they arrive to Boom City, they explore and help a few people. They meet the dog catcher again and escape the Doberman. Jake, Spanx and Redmond enter the scary Dog Pound and free some dogs they met on their journey to find Daisy the Pointer. The dog catcher retires his job and the Doberman gaurds the entrance to the Big Machine. Jake is able to scare the Doberman away and enters the home to the Big Machine, with Spanx and Redmond following behind. They find Daisy about to be turned into catfood. they turn off the Big Machine and save Daisy. Ms.Peaches comes in and trys to get our heros to get into the Big Machine to be transformed into catfood. Jake decides to fart and Spanx, Daisy and Redmond have to take cover. Ms.Peaches is violintly killed and turned into catfood. The story ends with everyone welcoming back Jake, Daisy, Spanx and Redmond to Clarksville.


Jake - The main protogonist of the game.

Spanx - The Long tailed Weasle chained to Redmond.

Redmond - The Calafornian white Rabbit chained to Spanx.

Ms.Peaches - The main antogonist of the game.

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