"No one or no-thing should decide we die for something we have no control over or do not mean to cause. Go''d is meant to be fair, forgiving and as written, Loving.. But I guess that must all be bullsh*t then huh?

Whitney to Julian regarding the angels coming after them and God's orders."

Whitney to Julian regarding the Angels and God.

Whitney Timer is a graduating senior student of Wakton High School Florida vacationing with her friends in London,

Whitney Timer
American Youth 5
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Timer Family
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'1
Affiliation Julian Scott,

Zachariah (Assigned Angel), Daniel Bishop, Walter Foreman, Gina Truman, Jennifer Forianis, Other Angels

Weapons Zachariah's Spike (Stolen during battle at Pryor Rock Formation.)
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Homestead, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests None
Performer None
England, An Accursed One and the female protagonist in Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Caitlin Stasey.


Whitney Timer was born on April 26th to George and Samantha Timer of Homestead, Florida.

She lived next door from age 5 to Daniel Bishop and across the street from Jennifer Forianis.

She made bestfriends with Gina Truman upon entering kindergarden as the two possessed the same one in Homestead, Florida.

Her, Daniel Bishop, Jennifer Forianis and bestfriend Gina Truman went on to the same Elementary School in Homestead and then same high school at Wakton High School.

At Wakton Whitney made a large friendship group which came to not include lifelong friends Daniel and Jennifer who seperated into their own clique groups though still remained friendly with Whitney.

Whitney remained bestfriends with Gina and then came to date Wakton Varsity Football Jock Walter Foreman who came through a drunken experience to ultimatley cheat with her bestfriend Gina.

Whitney then detached herself from everyone in her mourning period and came to care for nothing more then photography planning on becoming a professional photographer.

Whitney got hired as Wakton's official Yearbook Photographer and took the task to heart.

She came to forgive Walter and Gina and revitialized her friendships with Jennifer and Daniel.

All of them then together formed their own little friendship circle and come June 2012 set off for London, England as a holiday trip in which Whitney with her expensive camera would be able to record over the seas trip back to Wakton High as part of the Graduating Seniors Commeration in the 2012 Yearbook.

The group upon coming to London found themselves hunted by five of God's Holy Angels who had been dispatched to eliminate them and henceforth eliminate a large disaster they would somehow cause which is revealed as the large London Bridge Traffic Jam bringing on the to collapse Big Ben Clocktower to kill everyone on the bridge.

Thy Kingdom Come

Whitney comes to London with her friends as part of an assigned Wakton High school holidays trip in which she will secure photography of their trip for the Wakton Graduating Seniors Section of the Wakton High 2012 Yearbook.

She is destined to ultimatley hold up one of the five lanes on the London Bridge paving way for the Big Ben Bridge collapse to claim millions of lives as it hits the bridge.

The angel Zachariah is tasked with killing Whitney before she can contribute to the disaster.

She aligns with American Businessman Julian Scott who is stationed in London and seems to be the target of the angels too.

Her friends and him align to stop what the angels from taking them but her friends begin to die one by one.

Ultimatley it comes down to her and Julian who square off with all the angels on the fictional Pryor Rock in Liverpool and emerge victorious and begin a conversation with the unseeable God stating they know what they will cause and that it won't happen that he should let them go.

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