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Who Gets To New York? is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Code Blue jumping to their Aven-Mobile that will lead them to New York.


  • Mordecai: We're Code Blue.
  • Dan Zembrovski: To stop the Alliance...
  • Randy Cunningham: ...We planned to return to New York with the Aven-Mobile. But...
  • Rigby: Did we wipe them out?
  • Troll Moko: Yes.
  • Howard Weinerman: Ultron Prime is after our life! Go!
  • (Ultron Prime arrives)
  • Spider-Man: It's no use.
  • Nova: The one-use the Aven-Mobile won't gonna make it."
  • Hawkeye: No...
  • Falcon: We will go to New York! To find the Super Heroes!
  • (Code Blue hops the Aven-Mobile and rides away to New York)
  • Ultron Prime: Pursue the vehicle.
  • (Ultron Prime flys away)
  • [To be continued...]

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