Wicca Envy is a 1998 American Slasher Film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by J.B Rogers. It stars Emily Mortimer, Winona Ryder, Melissa Joan Hart, Alisha Morrison, Dan Byrd, Greg Byrk and Megan Gray.

Wicca Envy is distributed by Paramount Pictures and it is rated R for Graphic horror violence and gore, sexuality and language.


Five Witch girls attending Preston University, California are targeted by a concealed serial killer who has a tragic story behind his tragic bloodlust.


  • Emily Mortimer as Chaelene Hartting
  • Winona Ryder as Juliet Marquette
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Amanda Cady
  • Alisha Morrison as Christine Cexon
  • Dan Byrd as David Kellin
  • Greg Byrk as Kyle Gallette
  • Megan Gray as Tammy Goldman
  • Cloris Leachman as Ida Goldman
  • Omri Katz as David Goldman

Twist Ending

It is revealed in the final confrontation the killer is the character Kyle Gallette who is secretly having a homosexual relationship with character David Kellin.

It is revealed that he has been thrown out of the Omega Zigma Phi Sorority at Preston for his gay nature and he's targeting the wicca dubbling girls with the Kenisis powers is simply because they go unoticed and unprejudiced though they act strangley out in public and make no effort to conceal their strange ways.


The film was well received by critics upon it's Theatrical release and was praised as "Bringing a New Definition into Slasher Films much like Scream did with the Self-Referential Meta-Film Humour." Wicca Envy has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.


The film went into filming in the fall of 1997 and was completed by May 22nd 1998.

The film was shot in Burroughs, Wisconsin and on the Paramount Pictures Movie Lot.

The Preston University Set was a combination of the Burroughs Private School St. Bentley and some added on set pieces.

Death Sequences

  1. David Goldman: Eyes sliced with Pole like weapon
  2. Ida Goldman: Throat slit with Hunting Knife and then repeatedly stabbed to face with it
  3. Tammy Goldman: Head smashed into T.v screen and then repeatedly stabbed in breast with Hunting Knife
  4. David Kellin: Stabbed in throat with sisscors
  5. Christine Cexon: Decapitated with garden shears
  6. Juliet Marquette: Impaled by flying pole
  7. Amanda Cady: Stabbed to death with broken pool stick
  8. Kyle Gallette: Cut to pieces with razor sharp wires

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