Wild Wexley Bunch is a 2016 American Action Drama Dark Comedy film written by Reid Carolin and directed

Wild Wexley Bunch
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Produced by *Reid Carolin
  • Gregory Jacobs
  • Nick Wechsler
Written by Reid Carolin
Starring *Colin Farrell
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Daniel M. Hasan
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Madeleine Stowe
  • Megan Mullally
  • Miranda Richardson
Studio Legendary Pictures

FilmNation Entertainment

Distributed by Warner Bros.(International) Pathe (UK)
Release date(s) April 17, 2016
Country United States
Language English

by Steven Soderbergh starring Colin Farrell, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel M. Hasan, Viggo Mortensen, Madeleine Stowe, Megan Mullally and Miranda Richardson.

The film concerns three different male individuals (of different ages) whom run off together to be rangers in the wild and come to believe they are brothers to each all adopting the same last name and find themselves pitted against the owner of the large forest property they come to inhabit.


A 62 year old Chicago damaged History Professor , Violent Thief and young 19 year old anti-social mother's boy all come together under chance meeting and share the same obession of running away to the Appalachian Mountains to take up as gunslingers on the fictional Rangers Mountains.

They ultimatley do so as terrible things happen in their lives that very night: The Teacher find himself in the awkward situation of a female student coming onto him in order to have her recent test scores changed and when he refuses her advances comes to the principal whom happens to be there at that moment and accuse of him rape, The thief finds himself framed for a large building blowout in which many people die and the 19 year old finds himself to be beaten severley by his mother's recent drunken boyfriend.

The three find each other and flee off to the Appalachians.

They purchase guns and equipment and live off in an elaborate fantasy to which they are rangers simply hunting animals of the Rangers Mountains.

They come to adopt the last name Wexley and term themselves the Wild Wexley Bunch but find real danger and trouble as the owner of the Rangers Mountains estate attempts to pick them off for being on his land and discover him to be an actual serial killer whom has gotten away with the murders of countless intruders upon his land.

The three formulate the ultimate battle back plan and ultimatley only the young 19 year old escapes the Rangers Mountains of the Appalachians and returns home to his mother whom had been worried sick about him and dumped the abusive alchoholic boyfriend she possessed.


  • Colin Farrell as Sabdine Deckler-Wexley
  • Dustin Hoffman as Jules Batting-Wexley
  • Daniel M. Hasana s Harrison Localdine-Wexley
  • Viggo Mortensen as Walt Bartwell
  • Madeleine Stowe as Jennifer Lippman/ Girlfriend of Sabdine Deckler
  • Megan Mullally as Ranger Tamara Walden
  • Miranda Richardson as Cynthia Localdine
  • Steve Guttenberg as Alchoholic Abusive Boyfriend Ted Gimbers
  • Julian Sands as Bystander
  • Charlie Kaufman as 711 Counter Clerk Davey
  • Michael Paré as 711 Propietor Declan Chamberlain
  • Pernilla August as Officer Woman
  • Warren Beatty as Principal Palamon Sandros
  • Nora Arnezeder as Lillian Harv


  1. The Duke Of Eearl- Gene Chandler
  2. Soldier Boy- The Shirelles
  3. I Remember You- Frank Ifield
  4. Dream Baby- Roy Orbinson
  5. Let's Dance- Chris Montez
  6. Hey Paula- Paul & Paula
  7. She's Not You- Elvis Presley
  8. Rambin Rose- Nat King Cole
  9. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes- Bobby Vee
  10. Hey! Baby- Bruce Channel
  11. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do- Neil Sedaka
  12. Roses Are Red- Bobby Vinton
  13. He's A Rebel- The Crystals
  14. Sheila- Tommy Roe
  15. From A Jack To A King- Ned Miller
  16. Return To Sender- Elvis Presley
  17. The Loco-motion- Little Eva
  18. Up on the Roof- The Drifters
  19. Telstar- The Tornadoes
  20. Good Luck Charm- Elvis Presley

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