Winter’s Soil: Live In Auckland is a live DVD release by Australian doom metal band Winter's Soil, on the 15th of September 2002 via Mournful Records. It showcases the band performing at a July 2nd show in Auckland, New Zealand, as part of their Children of the Night tour. It is the last official release from the band to feature original guitarist William Devish.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Nightstalker"- 7:50
  2. "The Night's Caress"- 8:56
  3. "Necro"- 10:02
  4. "In Suffering and Sorrow" – 7:42
  5. "Deathless Ages" – 8:00
  6. "Satisfy My Hatred" – 8:57
  7. "The Curse of Death" – 7:02
  8. "Suck My Life" – 7:00


  • Kaleb Jovanovich - vocals, lyrics
  • Nick Hale - lead guitar
  • Benjamin Jacobson - bass
  • William Devish - rhythm guitar
  • Hamish Glencroy - drums
  • Lisa Evans - violin

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