Without Phoebe is an story that is about friends.Phoebe is murdered,Which makes the others saddened by her death.

One Death

Phoebe walked across the park,Walking her new dog.She looked up when she heard an scream coming from an house.Phoebe quickly tied up her dog by the post and runs up to the house.Phoebe knocks on the door,And an man answers.

"Can i help you",He asked.Phoebe knew there was something wrong."I heard some screams.What's going on",She asked demanding for some information."Run",He whispered."What",Phoebe then understood why as another man hit the man in the head with an baseball bat.He then grabbed Phoebe by the hair and pulled her in.He locked the door so no one could disturb them.

Phoebe was dragged into the lounge and saw an nude woman tied up in the couch,Crying.Phoebe then found herself getting tied up and gagged."I'm going to the toilet",He said in an voice which freaked Phoebe out.Phoebe wondered what happened to the other man.Then,After a few minutes,The man dragged the other man into the lounge.The man lifted up an knife and dug it into the man's skull.

Phoebe then bursted out crying.She and the other woman were going to die.What did they do to deserve that.Then,Phoebe felt stuff coming out of nowhere.She never forgave her birth mother.She never got along with her twin sisters.And she would never give the children to Frank and Alice.

The man walked up to the woman and whispered in her ear,But Phoebe knew what he said."I'm going to rape you and kill this other bitch after",Phoebe then saw him grabbing onto the woman hostage like and dragged her into the other room.

Phoebe tried the best she could to get up.She hoped that she could somehow get out of the house.Phoebe then heard screams coming out of the other room.Phoebe then relised something.She could try and phone the police.

When Phoebe tried to get over,She tripped which alerted the man.He had obviously stopped of what he was doing and ran into the lounge.Befour he could kill her,An shot was heard.She looked up and saw that the nude woman had shot at the killer,But missed.

The man was angry,And he ran up to her and fired at her.Phoebe tried to beg to get out of this nightmare.Wake up,Wake up,She kept telling herself.The man slowly got up and grabbed an butcher knife.Phoebe knew this was her end,If only she could tell her family and friends she loved them.

Phoebe was paralysed and was in the trunk of the car.She knew she was going to die.She knew.This was it.She could be with her mother again,Maybe even her unborn children.Phoebe then was picked up from the man and he dropped her in the water.Her last thought was that she never had an normal life.

Two The News

Rachel Green was looking at an pair of boots and then she relised the time.Phoebe was meant to pick her up.Where could she be? Rachel tried phoneing but got the answering machine.She decided to phone Monica and ask her.

"Hey,Mon,It's Rach.Do you know where Phoebe is",She asked."No,I've not seen her since she walked her dog",Monica replyed,Given in to chocklate ice cream.

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