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Wizards is a TV show.


First SeasonEdit

the story of 2 young wizards Alley(19) and Anna(13),later on their long lost sister Alex(2 months).

Secound SeasonEdit

Now,with Ally in jail the story is about Anna(15) and Alex(3).Anna is now the gardian or Alex,due to a strange event.



In episode one,Alley and Anna are on their parents boat,and practiceing their magic.They soon end up in a cave dogging wiches,Dynomite,Flame balls,and accidently grabbing a wich baby or 2,the rest of the show is mainly them dealing with their aunt Mable(rich,nice) and aunt Maggie(poor,mean).


The main part of this episode is about them finding their long lost baby sister Alex and Alex constently almost falling of the boat

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