Wizardsfire is the debut studio album from Swedish epic doom metal band In The Age of Dead Kings; released on June 4th 1986. It is a concept album, telling the story of Gelnoth, a red wizard, as he searchs for the sacred Wizardsfire, a weapon that will make him more powerful. The album's cover art, which generated some controversity, is of Gelnoth fighting a half naked Medusa, and an army of skeletons, one of which has a bag of severed heads. The band was forced to the change the cover to just Gelnoth in front of an orb in his tower.


One day, in between band practice, Doomicus, the lead singer, started writing a series of short stories featuring Gelnoth, (at the time a Blue Wizard) The stories would often feature Golneth either gaining power, or ruling the Earth. The stories, although they had little connection to each other, had recurring characters, and were usually humorus. When Doomicus presented the stories to his other bandmates, they gave very positive reviews, and even suggested that he wrote songs around the stories he wrote. So, he created 13 songs, and based them around his 1st Golneth story, "Wizardsdoom" Of course, Doomicus changed some elements, and eventually changed the album's name to Wizardsfire.

Doomicus also allowed the guitarist to write 2 other songs that show up at the end (these being "Epilouge" and the hidden joke song "Lord Of The Dead". In an interview with Metalmag, Doomicus stated that

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