Friends Fanfiction. What if Ross and Rachel never went on an break. How would this affect everyone's lives. Phoebe wonders.


Phoebe Buffay looked at the card. She had an choice. She was to change the past and affect her present and future. "Ross Geller and Rachel Green don't go on an break", She said calmly to the gypsy across.

"Are you sure becuase you only get to chose one thing", she asked in an creepy voice. "I'm sure", Phoebe calmly said.

"Let's see what would happen", and befour Phoebe knew it, she was in Monica's apartment. The year was 1996. Just then, the door opened and Monica walked in. "Hey Pheebs", she smiled.

"Monica, where is Ross and Rachel", she asked. "Oh, they are celebrating their anniversiry. However, they will have to see until Rachel gets away from Central Perk".

Rachel still worked in Central Perk. Phoebe didn't like this. Even though she was glad Ross and Rachel never broke up, Everyone else might change. "I've gotta go Mon", Phoebe quickly ran out of the apartment.

She walked to her house and opened the door. To her excitment, she saw her grandmother looking through the text book. "Hi Gram", Phoebe said and she sat down on the couch. "Hey Pooh".

Meanwhile, Rachel sat next to Chandler and Ross and the three started to talk. "So what are you's doing tonight", Chandler asked them. "Well we are going to Pennys and then back home", Rachel said. Pennys was an five star restraunt.

Phoebe walked to the coffee house after an long talk with her gran. She was going to give birth to the thriplets again, she relised. Then she remembered her real mother.

"Oh no", she moaned. Just then, Ross and Rachel walked out of the coffee house, holding hands. "Hello Phoebe", Rachel smiled as Ross kissed Rachel on the cheek.

"Hey", Phoebe smiled and she walked inside. She was going to see what happened next.

One Two Month's

Phoebe relaxed on her bed. Things had changed because of the non break up. Still, Joey fell in love with Kate but she left. Still they went to the beach house, but without Bonnie. She carried on the act of the whole real mom thing, though but still forgave her.

She opened Monica's apartment and walked to the couch. She sat down and relised no one was in the apartment. Just then, Rachel walked out of the bathroom. She had an big smile on her face.

"What is the grin for", Phoebe asked. "I'm pregnant", Rachel screamed in excitment. Phoebe also screamed in excitment and hugged her. "Who's the father", Phoebe remembered the whole event when the real Rachel found out she was pregnant.

"No jokes", Rachel smiled and she looked at the clock. "I'm going to tell Ross tonight. Don't tell anyone, promise", Rachel asked. "Promise", Phoebe smiled.

Just then, Monica came in. "Why is everyone smiling", she asked. "I'm pregnant", Rachel screamed and Monica also screamed. "AUNT AGAIN".

Phoebe smiled. Maybe life this way was better. Just then, they heard screaming. "What is going on outside", Rachel asked. Monica walked to the apartment and opened the door.

Smoke's-a-lot-lady was screaming at the smoke which was coming from Joey and Chandler's apartment. Rachel screamed when the door burst opened and Chandler crawled out.

"EVERYONE GET OUT", They heard the landlord shout at them. Monica and Phoebe managed to surport Chandler while getting downstairs. They all managed to get out of the building and an explosion roared through the building, sending glass to the ground.

Ross noticed the scene and jumped for their rescue. "Where is Joey", Ross asked. Just then, Rachel screamed when Ross quickly ran into the apartment. However, as if God was against them, another explosion roared.

Two Sadness and No Way Out

Rachel bursted into tears when she was told Ross wasn't going to make it. Joey had managed to survive thanks to Phoebe saving him. "I'M PREGNANT", Rachel screamed when she saw Ross, unconscious.

Just then, his heart's moniter started to beeb. "NOO", Rachel screamed. Monica looked at her big brother and cried. She couldn't believe the only relative apart from her father she cared about is dead.

Chandler was in the waiting room along with Phoebe. Rachel came in and had tears all over her face. "YOU BASTARD", She screamed and she ran up to him. Befour Chandler knew it, he was slapped across the face.

"YOU STARTED THE FIRE BECAUSE OF YOUR FUCKING SMOKING. WELL ROT IN HELL", She roared. One of the nurses told her to be quiet but the unthinkable happened. Rachel turned around and slapped the woman on the face.

Phoebe quickly ran from the hospital. She needed to get out of this universe. She walked to the gypsy caravan, the place she needed to go so she can get back to the real world.

There was the same gypsy. She had managed to make her rea lself travel to the universe. "You can't go back", she simply said when Phoebe told her. "Why not", she asked.

"Becuase Ross and Rachel arent happy in this world", she stared at the blonde. "Look, Ross is dead, he can't count", Phoebe said. "Well he doesn't count, but Rachel does".

"Look do you like this world", Phoebe asked the gypsy. "Yes, i've saw my grandfather and my twin daughters and my granddaughter again", she said. "Wow", Phoebe said in amazement.

"Anyway, look i don't. I've just relised thay them breaking up was better than what h-

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