World At End is an story that features the friends character.Chandler,Rachel,Joey,Monica and Phoebe are sucked into an alternate world where good and evil live.Ross helps them through phone,But the friends are shocked when the blocked path of evil is destroyed.


Rachel is seen reading an book and Chandler enters.He tells Rachel that he and Monica are going to Central Perk.Meanwhile,Phoebe and Joey are talking when an man is seen apearing in the middle of no where.

The man says he is Brian and that he has escaped from the evil.Befour they could react, An big bubble apears on the wall and is sucking people in.Phoebe and Joey get sucked in,Along with Monica.

Chandler and Rachel hear Monica screaming and walk out.They see the bubble and are sucked in.Ross sees Rachel and trys to save her,But the bubble disapears and Chandler is shocked.

Rachel wakes up and screams when she sees Brian and an woman looking at her.The woman reveals she is Stella,And that Brian sent them their to save them.Rachel asks what does that mean,And Brian reveals they are the key to destroy the evil.

Monica wakes up and trys to run away from a couple of guards.She falls down and falls into an abandoed room.Monica hears her phone and answers.It was Ross,Who tells her what happened to Rachel.Monica says that she along with everyone else was sucked in.

Chandler and Joey find Penelope and Brian and they all look out the window.It is revealed that their is half and half of good and evil.Rachel bumps into Phoebe when trying to escape,And Phoebe reveals she knew about this place as she traveled onto the evil side when she was young.

Rachel is shocked when Phoebe tells her what happened.She killed the dark prince,And his son tried to kill her.Phoebe managed to escape but was cloned,Which happened to be the clone was Ursula.

Meanwhile,Ross tells Monica that she has to try and find an way out of the room.Meanwhile,The others go out of hte castle and look on as an group of men trys to destroy the wall.

Just then,An group of devils and monsters run and they start to destroy the city.Phoebe and Rachel fall down the hill and Phoebe screams as Rachel is locked into an cage.Phoebe then looks around and screams.

Meanwhile,Chandler and Joey start to run and find Monica.Penelope is locked in an room and the room gets set on fire.Monica manages to get away but an devil comes face to face with her. To be continued.


  • World At End 2 Rachel manages to get to "Houseton".Ross loses contact with Monica,Phoebe manages to save Brian and Penelope while Joey and Chandler are forced to go into the evil side to escape.
  • World At End 3 Phoebe manages to get back to the real world and she and Ross try to end the war.Chandler and Joey get to "Houseton" and Rachel and Monica get to the castle to warn Queen Liza,But she reveals who she really is.
  • World At End 4 Ross and Phoebe hide in Monica's apartment when the evil take over the world and Phoebe leanrs from an vision of Rachel her children would save the world.
  • World At End 5 Harry and Jane are sent to "Houseton" so they can learn the truth about what is going on.Rachel,Chandler and Monica bring an dead Joey back to their shock.
  • World At End 6 Harry and Jane find out they are siblings while Chandler and Monica battle their last war.
  • World At End 7 Rachel manages to prevent the evil from killing Jane.Harry meets his father during the prison of evil.
  • World At End 8 Harry and Jane fight in the last battle of Good and Evil.

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