Fighter Name Fighter Nickname Fighter Parody Name Country
Aerial Hairon Bulldozer Ariel Sharon Israel
Arnolf Shitler The Führer Adolf Hitler Germany
Fizzel Castor El Comandante Fidel Castro Cuba
Gorged W. Muff Mr. President George W. Bush, Jr. United States
Harold Satanlosegay The Anglo-Saxon Goalie Harold Godwinson England
Jussoph Stallion White Russian Joseph Stalin Soviet Union
Kablam Hustlein Bad-Dad-Bug Saddam Hussein Iraq
Mahatman Gandij Karmanator Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi India
Mahoe Zedoing Red Dragon Mao Zedong China
Mammoth Fahmishinejad Prince of Perisa Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran
Nosef Ratfinger Crusader Pope Francis Vatican City
President Snowman Hunger Striker President Snow Panem
Sillyo Lubberlusconi Don Paparazzo Silvio Berlusconi Italy
Wasammel Bin Lady Saudi Assassin Osama Bin Laden Pakistan
Will Portals The Nerd Bill Gates Microsoftia

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