Worm sometimes written as WoRM is a 2013 American horror film dircted and produced by John Carpenter.


In 1995, New York saw a disease orginating in the metro. The virus quickly spread into the streets killing hundreds. Luckily, a team of scientists creates a altered worm species tht lives off the virus. The virus goes away and it was believed the worms did the same. Until now after entire subway trains have gone missing. Mayor Richard Ford orders the lockdown of the metro and sends a team of secruity guards to investigate along with a doctor from the orginal project. Their mission is to implant a new virus into the worm that should kill it off.


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mayor Richard Ford

Mary Elizibeth Winstead as Dr. Kate von Burgh

Sean Connery as Harold Ressle

Sanaa Lathan as Miranda Gergson

Warren Christie as James Anderson

Giancarlo Giannini as Thomas Walker


Development on the film began in summer of 2012. After unfavorable reviews from John Carpenter's The Ward, Carpenter decided to return to the sci-fi horror genere with a brand new film series. "I wanted to do something like Mimic but have a little bit of a twist on it. Instead of a ton of bugs, how about a giant worm?" he says. Universal Studios liked the idea and approved it. Then in fall 2012 Eric Heisser was hired as the script and screenwriter. Production moved well and the film was released August 12.



Worm was meet with postive to mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes currently holds a 65% rating by critics and a 80% by the audience. based on 150 reviews. Metacritic gave the film a 60 out of 100 out of 40 reviews. Cineama Score rated Worm a B and the Chicago Tribune gave it a 80/100 saying "Worm is a suspensful film with a intriguing plot and wonderful soundtrack. But sometimes I felt that the cast could have been better and some scenes felt very fake." said "WoRM is intresting and creepy but it just didn't have that great of a cast. Sure they where big names, but they didn't fit in this kinda film." IGN Movies rated Worm a three out of five stars claiming that "The movie is creepy and offers great effects and sets yet it's characters seemed as though they where made out of cardboard showing little emotion." Las Vegas Weekly rated it five out of five stars. "With a great plot, visuals, and well scripted scenes you'll find everything in Worm."

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