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Maximillian Arturo (nicknamed Wrong Arturo by his friends, and usually called "W.A." for short) comes from a world where the earth moves slower (as in the Sliders episode "The Guardian"), hence his age discrepancy from the other, more famous Prof. Maximillian Arturo, who traveled with the original Sliders. He was raised in America, so he has no British accent, and his education and upbringing were very different, so W.A. shares very little in common with Prof. Arturo other than some basic genetic similarities.

Before USM

"Max" (as he was known then) grew up in a Chicago suburb. He had a relatively quiet childhood, though occasionally he would get in trouble for playing pranks on his teachers with his best friend, Brett Hamilton. (USM 6-4, "Of Days Gone By") He also had a friend named Ethan (The Portal #1, "One Nation Under Bennish"). Holographic emitters called HoloFields are relatively inexpensive Halloween costumes on his world. HoloFields sit easily on one's belt and can change the appearance and voice of anyone who wears them into whatever they can imagine. (Original bio)

In 1995, Max was captured by Kromaggs, who invaded his home world. Brett saw him getting captured, but Max told Brett to go find his parents and take care of them, rather than worry about rescuing him. Max had a HoloField on him, and managed to disguise himself as a neighborhood friend, Lexie Richards, just before getting captured. This way, if he was ever able to escape, he could change his appearance, and the Kromaggs would never be able to find him. (USM 6-4)

Much to Max's amazement, he discovered that Lexie--a Lexie from another dimension, and the Lexie of this story--was one of the other captives being held by the Kromaggs. Their other cellmates were Mina Skywalker, Shelbs, and Gemmin. Surprisingly, Max, Lexie, Shelbs, and Gemmin all share the same Christian faith. The others called him "Lexie2," since he (she?) was the second Lexie to be put in the cell. After earning the others' trust--and them earning his--he told all of them the secret of who he really is. They all bonded as friends, and over the course of the next year of his captivity, Max began to fall in love with Lexie.

After several failed escape attempts, Max learned that he's not like any of the other Arturo doubles, so he eventually got the nickname "Wrong Arturo," or W.A. for short. At some point during his captivity, the Kromaggs ate one of W.A.'s eyes, since human eyes are a delicacy on the Kromagg worlds.

Mina eventually gets brainwashed and sent out to do the Kromaggs' bidding, and Gemmin was released under the condition that she (supposedly) send reports back to the Kromaggs. Eventually, Lexie and Shelbs escaped, with W.A. accidentally getting stuck behind. (The Beginning)

During USM

Sometime shortly after his friends' escape, W.A. (still in disguise as Lexie2) feigns his own death and gets deposited with the other corspes on a nearby world. As Providence would have it, this is the home world of his friends, where they also arrived--the world that would become known as Rifter Prime. Much to his own surprise, upon being dropped off, he stands and sees Lexie in a phone booth in the same place (Golden Gate Park). Not sure of what to do and fearful for Lexie's safety, W.A./"Lexie2" runs off, dropping a timer he confiscated from the Kromaggs. Spindoctor's people immediately spot him and get the timer, but spindoctor gives instructions not to apprehend W.A., but simply to follow for the time being. W.A. was listed in spindoctor's notes as "Witness 5." Though the details remain unclear as to whether W.A. was finally apprehended, or turned himself in, "Lexie2" was brought to Ravencroft Safehouse. (USM1)

(At some point before or after winding up at Ravencroft, W.A. procured an eyepatch for himself to cover up his missing eye. The eyepatch does not show through the HoloField; neither do the rest of his clothes.)

"Lexie2" encouraged Lexie to leave Ravencroft and slide away, to stay safe from the Kromaggs. Lexie2 initially indicated that she was considering giving herself back to the Kromaggs and pretending to be Lexie1 to keep her safe, but nothing was definitely decided. (USM2)

Lexie2 left the safehouse, feeling very sad. (Initially it was reported that Lexie2 escaped the safehouse, but since W.A.'s same post describes Lexie2 as "checking in," Lexie2 would likely been able to leave whenever s/he wanted. The true details remain sketchy at best.) He called Gemmin from a phone booth (having likely gotten the number from Lexie while at Ravencroft). Not wanting to chance their plans being intercepted, Gemmin gave W.A. a code: "Book 3, pg. 495." The code came from Dr. Quinn Mallory's novels, which were actually disguised instruction manuals for dealing with a Kromagg invasion. Unfortunately, W.A. couldn't remember what the code meant, so eventually W.A. returned to Ravencroft, disguised as spindoctor. He found Mina while he was there, free of the Kromagg mind control, but about to kill herself for what she had done under their influence. W.A. talked her out of it and convinced her to help. (USM3)

(the rest to be finished later - the old text remains below)

He joins their fight and eventually helps them in preventing the Kromaggs from invading that world. After sliding for a year with the Rifters (as they came to be known), W.A. and Lexie became seperated from the rest of the group. They have been sliding on their own for about three years. During that time, W.A. and Lexie did briefly become an item. They have since amicably broke up. In Changes, the "lost episode" of their spinoff story, The Portal, W.A. and Lexie were responsible for the destruction of Earth 113 and the death of the Kromagg Emperor. Thus, the Kromaggs have a major grudge against both of them, as we rejoin them at the beginning of Unsolved Mystery 2000.

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