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X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a 2010 Marvel comic based Superhero film spin-off the original X-Men series and part of the Origin film series which apart from X-Men First Class add up to the overrall story of the main X-Men series.

The film is written and directed Allison Anders and stars Aly Michalka as Mystique, Kate Beckinsale as Maria Darkholme, Rutger Hauer as Peter Darkholme, Lizzy Caplan as Mystique's best friend Allison Severrnard Ursula Andress as the primary antagonist Destiny and Rachel McAdams as the supporting antagonist Psylocke.


Raven Darkholme (Aly Michalka) was always the beautiful misunderstood girl at both her Californian High School and at her prime californian home.

She however over the course of turning 17 develops some mysterious stages of transformations.

She gains the ability of being able to turn into anything or anyone and in a blind moment of revealing this terrible happening to her parents is also stabbed to death.

She evades her parents who have a secret club of neighbourhood parents known as the Prestige whom are anti-mutant hunters whom have been waiting for the moment when Raven as expected would fully become a mutant.

Raven takes up with her best friend Allison (Lizzy Caplan)' who'se parents are revealed as members of the prestige.

In a townwide lockdown and alot of scheming and hiding Raven's dreams are entered by a mysterious old mutant woman who claims her name to be Destiny and is the Guardian of all mutants.

At the same time it is revealed that Allison has an unnamed mutant sister who goes by the name of Psylocke whom has been held captive and as of recently has had her dreams entered by Destiny who has instructed to execute a townwide wipeout and kill Raven upon her refusal to be in on this plan.

The film ultimatley ends Allison being shot down by her own mother as Psylocke finishes her with a brutal mutilation.

Whilest Allison is bleeding to death an old wizened man walks towards them and kills the last prestige member Raven's motherwhom is advancing with a large stripping weapon.

He reveals his name as Magneto and that the called Destiny was right.

Raven however argues saying that Destiny sent Psylocke to kill her.

Magneto answers with Destiny having a warped take on the overrall good goal and as a result payed by getting killed by him for trying to kill Raven.

Allison then dies with one final word uttering: Mystique.

Raven then recollects a series of childhood memories with Allison from where they would play superhero and that Raven would adopt the superhero name of Mystique: beautiful but dangerous.

Ravent then gets to her feet and with a sudden burst of uncontrollable energetic rage completely morphs into a blue like natural form and then tells Magneto to call her Mystique.

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