Average height

1.9 meters-2.0 meters

Skin color

Black and Brown


Reptilian and Insect features ( Reptisect )

Average lifespan

200 years

Xenovita are sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy they were large, bipedal Reptisect humanoids from the planet Oza'saki .

Biology and appearanceEdit

life cycle begins as an egg which is laid by a queen. burst out of the egg and grows into an adult Xenovita. The rate of growth is extraordinary, reaching full maturity within 15 hours. An adult is usually depicted as slightly humanoid, standing approximately 2.0 meters tall, and has a long, whip-like tail, a Frill on it's head, and several rows of silvery teeth with a Sail on it's back which was used for mating and storage of heat.

Behind the scenesEdit

Xeno means alien in Greek, and Vita means life in Latin

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