Yüsef Zultan Kabaühri, (Arabic: يوسف سلطان قبارى, Rangastani: Иусеф Зултан Кабаухри),(b. January 28th 1962, Kadür, Ginjieü -) is a Rangastani political figure, and served as President of Rangastan from 2003 until 2008, when a proper election vote displaced him over current President Madüzir Aziz'ri Ahfar. Kabaühri is the first and only Rangastani Liberal Party (Rangastani: Rangastiü Lihbak Vijec) president, with his predecessor Constanteüs Güenger presiding over the RPM, Rangastani People's Movement (Rangastani: Rangastiü Pevic Nüdhiric), and Madüzir Aziz'ri Ahfar belonging to the Rangastani Labour Party (RLAP).


Yüsef Zultan Kabaühri (Arabic: يوسف سلطان قبارى) was born in Kadür district, in the capital city of Ginjieü on January 28th 1962. He was one of many Rangastanis of the ethic Fahdi (Arabic: فهدي), descended from Middle Eastern immigrants in the 1840s, as apposed to being the majority ethic group, the Rangastani (Arabic: رانغا). Kabaühri (Arabic: يوسف) was a family that could trace back their origins to the Syria, and Yüsef's father Abdul Aziz Kabaühri (Arabic: عبد العزيز يوسف) was a prominent politician, and a pre-cursor leader to the later Rangastani Liberal Party (Rangastani: Rangastiü Lihbak Vijec), and brought his son into politics.


In a coup d'etat on June 15th 2003 Yüsef succeeded Constanteüs Güenger and the RPM administration as the first and only RLP President of Rangastan. Unlike his predecessor, Kabaühri opened up to the wide world and enjoyed the company of other leaders and discussing Rangastan's affairs, particularly the 2006 bombings on the Güenger residence in Ugdü'Bebin, Ginjieü, which is widely said to be called by Kabaühri and his cabinet. In the spring of 2007 the RLP denied the RLAP (Rangastani Labour Party) to their call for elections, but after passing through government the laws were brought in for a people's vote for presidency. Kabaühri commented on the world stage in April of 2008 that he felt confident that the RLP would maintain, but RLAP leader and rival Madüzir Aziz'ri Ahfar was gaining popularity. By the time of mid 2008 elections, the RLP emerged with a 47.42% of votes, but the RLAP won with a 56.42% margin, establishing Madüzir Aziz'ri Ahfar as president, the first RLAP president in Rangastan.


Unlike his predecessor, Kabaühri has enjoyed a comfortable aftermath of his presidency, and became mayor of his home district Kadür in June of 2009. He has said he appreciates Ahfar and what he has done for Rangastan, and calls him a seasoned veteran. Ahfar has responded by saying that the political rivalry between the RLP and RLAP did not cause tension between the two party leaders, and that Ahfar seemed confident in the RLP's popularity and backed their second run at presidency.

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