Harry Potter. While Harry hunts for horcruxes, Neville Longbottom rebelled against the death eaters. Neville/Hannah and Harry/Ginny

Prolouge, Beginning'sEdit

Neville Longbottom looked on out the window, wondering about the events which lay for him and his friends in the future.

He turned around, and saw Luna Lovegood humming to a song she obviously made up. Ginevra Weasley had been forced by the death eaters to answer their question.

The door opened, and the redhead opened the door. Tears were in her eyes, and she quickly closed the door. "What happened", Neville asked.

Ginny quickly muttered the silence charm, and turned to Neville. "They tortured a first year because i didn't answer their question", she bursted into tears.

"Shh", Luna whispered as she sat next to Ginny, brushing her hair. The door opened, and the trio looked up. It was Hannah Abbot and Ernie MacMallian.

"What is it", Neville asked. "They asked us about Justin, and ordered us to sit here", Hannah said. "Oh", Neville only replyed.

"Did they torture anyone else", Ginny asked, tears away. "No. But they threatened to kill me though", Hannah whispered.

"Right, do we think we should reform the D.A", Neville asked. "What", everyone whispered in shock. Luna was the exception, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, we shouldn't call it Dumbledore's Army any more. More like, Harry's Army", Neville asked. "No", Ginny shook her head.

"No", Neville asked in confusion. "You wanted this. It's Neville's Army", Ginny said, and everyone agreed. Neville blushed furiously.

"Fine, but we should plan at the weekend, if things get worse", Neville said.

The train stopped, and they shared a carriage with Padme Patil. "Hey guys", she said. "Hello", Neville said.

"Listen, Padme", Hannah said. "Yes", she asked. "Do you want to join the D.A again", Ernie asked. "Yes i would", she beamed.

"But this is for real. Plus, it has changed name", Neville said. "What", she asked. "Neville's Army", Luna piped up and beamed, and Neville blushed.

"Realy", Ernie asked, and Ginny glared at him. "Oh realy. He fought with Harry hundreads of times more than you have", she snapped. "Sorry, sorry".

They sat in slience, and they could hear some screams. "Wha-", Neville was cut off as the carriage behind them exploded, sending the debris around the ground.

All five of them quickly rushed out as their carriage exploded. "What is happening", Hannah screamed. They turned around, and saw the Carrows.

Amycus and Alecto grinned at their shocked faces. "We thought we should start the year with a big bang", Alecto beamed.

"Now, you will be walking to Dark Lord School", he snapped. "What", Neville asked. "Dark Lord School has replaced Hogwarts", Alecto beamed yet again.

"Wha-", Neville was cut off as Amycus tortued him. He screamed in agony. Finaly, after what seemed like months, he stopped. "Move along".

They were silent as they walked to 'dark lord school' and they neared the doors. They saw that the Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors and Ravenclaws frightened, and the Slytheren's grinning.

"In", Alecto snapped. They all did, and they walked to Gryffindor's table. The Sorting took place, and the hat started to sing.

I will not take this kind of treatment, As i will do my magic.

Everyone was shocked, until the hat bursted into flames. People screamed as the hat flew up to Snape, and set's his ropes on fire.

He quickly put out the fire. "Avada Kedarva", he yelled, but the curse missed the hat, and hit a Ravenclaw. Terry Boot.

There was screams and yells, and some were sick. Some ran out the great hall, though Snape stopped him. "Flitch", he yelled.

Flitch looked up. "Feed him to Greyback", he hissed, and Flitch dragged the body out of the great hall. Neville looked at Luna, who was sitting next to Boot. She had tears in her eyes.

"Hat", Snape yelled. The hat looeked up, and looked outraged. "Avada Kedarva", however, the hat didn't move, he looked guilty as if it was his fault that Boot died.

"Now, lets see who goes in which house", Snape hissed to the crowd. He opened a door at the side of the wall which had apeared. A big mountain troll came out, the same one Harry, Ron and Hermione had defeated in their first year.

Everyone screamed. "Kelly, Laura", McGonagall whispered, but everyone managed to hear it. Laura trembled as she stood up.

There was screams and yells as Laura was crushed by the troll. Neville saw Susan Bones pass out, and Ginny looked as if she was going to collapse.

Hannah tried to help Susan, but she didn't move. "It seems she is in Gryffindor", Snape sneered, and he moved the body up in the middle of the table.

Everyone screamed and jumped out of their tables. Even the Slytheren's seemed as if they were about to be sick.

This kept going on and on. Soon, only one survived, and that one was sent into Slytheren. She looked pale and shaken, and ignored the people who contragulated her.

"I can't do this", Ginny moaned. Neville looked up at the staff table. Most of the teachers were in shock and they couldn't move. Even if they could, they would die.

Snape and the Carrows were a different story. They beamed at the students terrified expression.

"Now, here is the opening speach. The Defense against the dark arts is now simply Dark Arts. The Sorting would be the Troll over and over".

Everyone was shocked. "Also, if you happen to get in trouble the night of the full moon, you will get fed to the werewolfs in the dark forest", he hissed.

Neville turned to Ginny. "The Forest isn't forbidden now", he whispered. "Longbottom", Snape snapped. "Imperio", he hissed.

Neville was in control, and he walked up to Snape. He turned around, bowed, and walked out of the great hall.

"Do not worry. It is a full moon tonight, and he will be paying his punishments, as will you Weasley", he shouted, and Ginny was dragged by Slytherens.

"NO", She screamed in terror. She soon heard Neville screaming. He was getting dragged away, off the control curse.

Both were pushed into the forest, and they soon relised they were in the middle. "Neville, here is your wand", Ginny whispered. He turned around. "I'm sorry Ginny", he said.

"It's okay Neville", she reasured him. "We just have to battle the wolfs til dawn", she turned around as they heard a twig snap.

Greyback was in werewolf form, and grinned. He quickly jumped up to the two, and both ducked. "Run", Neville screamed.

Both continued to flee the forest, occasionly hitting the werewolf with hexes and curses. Ginny screamed as she fell in a hole.

"Ginny", he too fell into the hole as Greyback missed his touch. However, he screamed in pain as Devil Snare hit him. The plant continued to choke his insides out.

However, Neville and Ginny were underneath the murderous plant. "Ginny", he whispered before he fell unconscious.

"Neville", Ginny wept. "NEVILLE", She screamed. She fainted when she saw the remains of Greyback falling into the cave they were in.

Chapter One, First DayEdit

Neville awoke to the sunlight. He flashed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming. He relised he wasn't. He saw the remains of Greyback, and laughed, although there wasn't anything funny in the situation.

"Ginny", he whispered. He looked up and saw Ginny destroy the Devil Snare. "Neville, we need to get out of here", she said as she pulled Neville up.

Both got up, and crawled their way through the forest. They saw the Thretsals looking up at them. "I guess we would see them", Neville muttered.

Both of them rode out of the forest, and saw Hagrid weeping. "Hagrid", Ginny shouted. Hagird looked up. Tank god yer a'right", he shouted and hugged both of them.

"Hagrid, what happened when we were away", Ginny asked. They soon found out that the Fat Lady's potrait had been blasted open as she didn't allow the Carrows inside. The fat lady had died in the process, and now there was a dementor guarding the Dormitry.

Ginny shuddered. "Hagrid, do they think we are dead", She asked. Hagrid nodded. More to be continued.

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