Harry Potter. Harry is raised by Sarah Potter, James' cousin. Harry goes to Hogwarts for the first time, and finds the danger and the adventure.


An young woman in her early twentys was standing in the muggle street. She was waiting for something, so it seemed.

Her blue eyes seemed to hold anger, sadness and confusion. She looked up when she felt someone tap her shoulder.

"Hello Sarah".

"Hello Albus".

"Where's Harry, Albus. Is it true what happened to James and Lily".

"Harry is at the Dursleys and it is true, Miss Potter".

"Excuse me. He is at the Dursleys".

"Well yeah".

Sarah got up, looked at the old man in anger.

"Haven't you lisitened to Lily during the meetings. Aparently they hate magic, and will destroy it if they got an chance", she shouted at the man.

The muggles nearby gave them an look, but continued on with their buisness.

"Lisiten, Lily gave herself to Harry, which has protected him. He has to stay in the Dursleys for the blood wards".

"Screw the wards. I'm getting him", Sarah made sure no one was looking, and apparated.

Albus closed his eyes. He would have to make sure Sarah didn't get to Harry.

Sarah apeared in front of the Dursleys. She stormed to the house and knocked on the door. An woman with an big thin neck answered.

"Can i help you", she asked. Then she looked at her ropes.

"Your one of those lots", she whispered in anger. Sarah barged in and looked for Harry.

"Where is he. Did you lock him in this closet, huh", Sarah shouted and she opened the closet. She didn't expect Harry to be there, and she nearly fainted.

"How could you do that", Sarah picked up Harry. "I'm going", and with that, she left.

"Take him. I don't want him", Petunia shouted, but Sarah ignored her.

Meanwhile, Molly Weasley was feeding baby Ginny when she heard an knock on the door.

Molly put the bottle down, and lifted up Ginny, who giggled. She walked to the door and opened it. There was Sarah Potter, carrying Harry.

"Sarah, is that him", Molly gasped. Sarah nodded.

"Come in, come in", Molly let Sarah and Harry come in, and she closed the door.

"Where was he", Molly asked. "He was at the Dursleys, Molly. His bedroom was the closet", she near enough shouted.

Molly gasped, and tears were in her eyes. "What did Albus say", Molly asked.

"He wanted to keep him there. I just barged in and took Harry. I need to go to the Ministry of Magic, and try to adopt him", she said.

"Yeah, that will make sense".

Hogwarts Letter

"Wake up Harry", came the voice of his cousin Emily.

Harry opened his eyes and the image was blury. He picked up his glasses and put them on. Much better.

Harry got changed and walk downstairs. "Surprise", yelled the guests.

There was Mr and Mrs Weasley, their children, Sarah and her husband Nick, and their daughter Emily. "Thanks, guys", Harry grinned as he opened the presents.

When they were chatting, an owl came in, and gave Harry an letter.

"Hogwarts letter", and the crowd cheered.

Later on, Harry, Emily, Sarah and the Weasleys were shopping in Diagon Alley.

The eldest of the children was Bill, but he was away, as was Charlie. Then there was Percy, who Harry didn't like.

Then there was Fred and George, born to be Pranksters. Then was the youngest son, Ron, who was Harry's best mate.

And last off all, Ginny. Harry had an crush on her, and did Ginny, although the two didn't know they had an crush on each another.

"Mr Potter, let see what wand you will have", came the voice of Ollivandar.

Later, Harry found out the wand that chosed him was Voldermort's brother's wand.

Voldermort was the man that killed his real mother and father. James gave his life for Lily to escape with Harry, who found no such escape.

Lily begged Voldermort to leave Harry, and was killed. Voldermort tried to kill Harry, but it bounced back and killed him instead, leaving nothing but an scar on Harry's head.

As they looked at animals, Harry saw an snake.

Saves mee from thisss awful placess, the snake hissed.

I will assk Coussin Sssarah

"Can i buy an snake, Sarah", Harry asked.

"Why would you want to, Harry", she asked.

"I can talk to them".

Sarah dropped the cup she gasped.

"What did you say".

"I can talk to Snakes. Is that a bad thing".

"No it isn't. But some people will think so. I will let you buy a snake, but don't talk to it when someone else is near".


Harry bought an snake, and an owl whom he named Hedwig. He still had no idea what to name the snake.

What iss your name


Thatss what i willl calll you, luisssa

The Train

Harry nervously looked at the barrier.

"Are you sure this is what you do", Harry asked Sarah.

"Yes, now hurry up", she snapped. Sarah was in an bad mood since she won't be talking to Harry in an long time.

Harry found an compartment whom he shared with Ron. Luisa was in an cage, as well Hedwig.

"Harry, you didn't tell me you bought an snake", Ron said in amazement. "I wasn't to tell but i can talk to them".

Ron's eyes nearly popped out of it's sockets. "Are you freaking serious", he said. Harry nodded.

Harry hissed at the snake, who hissed back. Ron grinned. "Your secret is

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