Yiros&Pizza: The Motion Picture is a 2007 comedy film written and directed by Jeff Gavakanos and Vince Magerio; known collectively as "Yiros&Pizza". The film stars Gavakanos and Magerio as caricatures of themselves "Jeffy" and "Vinnie"; two American men of Greek and Italian ancestry who go on an adventure to claim the fabled Yiros of the Lamb of the Golden Wogopolis; encountering difficult situations and scenarios. The film also stars Andre "VD" Vickin, Shevarkis Galifanko, Tommy Sakavinikis and Francine Marqeni.

The film was released on June 30th 2007 though it received little attention or public coverage; due to it's controversial content and MA rating. It generated $50,000 in box office and received polarized reviews; with some enjoying its immature humor while others strongly disliked it. Despite the poor income of the film 2010 saw a sequel, with Gavakanos and Magerio reprising their roles.


Two junkies, Jeffy (Greek-American) and Vinnie (Italian American), are dissapointments to their families and constantly drift through jobs. When they see an ad on TV for "The Best Yiros In The Universe". Vinnie us apprehensive at first, but Jeffy convinces him to embark on a cross country journey for the Yiros.


  • Jeff Gavakanos as Jeffy, Gas Station Clerk Pablo
  • Vince Magerio as Vinnie, Gas Station Clerk Sanchez
  • Andre "VD" Vickin as Chris
  • Shevarkis Galifanko as the Yiros Boss/Yirophet
  • Tommy Sakavinikis as Jeffy's Dad
  • Francine Marqeni as Amy


The film received polarized reviews, with responses ranging from positive to negative. The highest review came from Atlantyo Films, who said: "Harold and Kumar meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding in this ridiculously funny adventure". A mixed review came from Atlanta Review, who praised Gavakanos and Magerio's performance but disliked the formulaic premise and immature jokes. The Moviegoer's Guide described the film as: "Stupid, unfunny, purile and formulaic, this movie does nothing for racial stereotypes and offers nothing but dumb laughs only idiots would find funny".

The film averages a 59% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, averaging as "Rotten". The general consensus is: "While Gavakanos and Magerio are dynamic together, nothing lies beyond Yiros&Pizza but sporadic laughs, and a few shining moments".

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