Yoshi is a Mario character from Ottawa, Ontario. He eats, he does not punch. Yoshi's partner is Birdo in the show Wipeout Canada, So You Think You Can Dance and Canada's Worst Driver.

List of apperances for Yoshi


When Yoshi uses Grierson, he is a princess like the other Mario characters from other series. If Yoshi uses Episode 7's Waluigi, he will not beat Diddy Kong in the whole episode because the Mario Party 7's unlockable characters are elimanted in Sweeper and Dizzy Dummies.

Episode Number Elimanted
Episode 3 Sweeper and Quaifier
Episode 4 Dizzy Dummies and Wipeout Zone
Episode 6 Sweeper
Episode 7 Dizzy Dummies
Episode 9 Quaifier
Episode 10 Quaifier and Dizzy Dummies
Episode 12 Quaifier
Episode 14 No awards

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