Young Fanon 1 is a user and frequent contributer to the Fanon Wikia. He joined after he lost the info to his other account, YOUNGFANON. YOUNGFANON1, the name he goes by now, has already edited several pages.

Discovering Fanon Wikia

YOUNGFANON discovered the site while searching for Kill Bill Volume 3. He happened upon a fanon version of the film, which shocked him. He was surprised that somebody had fleshed out so much plot for a movie they wanted to see. He knew that he had to become a part of this. So he created YOUNGFANON, and created his first page, a fictional bio-pic about John Lennon. He was surprised that it wasn't too shabby. So he started finding other pages, and editing them. Unfortunaley, he lost his account info, and had to create YOUNGFANON1 as a replacement.


Currently, YOUNGFANON1 is editing many Super Smash Bros pages, including Super Smash Bros.:Smash Wars. He is looking to join the list of contributers, as he currently writes endings and openings for characters.

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