The Youngian Emperor, also known as the Galactic Emperor, or Young Emperor, is the supreme ruler and Head of State of the Youngian Empire.

Powers and functionsEdit

The Youngian Emperor's power and authority are mainly derived from those of the Supreme Chancellor and the additional rights, responsibilities, and powers bestowed upon that office by the Senate during the Galactic Wars. It also derived from the Senate itself. The Emperor is the ultimate head of the Imperial Council of Ministers, and was, at least nominally or symbolically, advised by the Youngian Senate.

The Emperor is the head of state, the head of government, and the commander-in-chief of the Empire, and has absolute authority over the Imperial Military, the bureaucracy, and the entire Empire itself. The Emperor has sole power to appoint, dismiss, approve, and supervise the regional governors. The Emperor organizes and declares the budget, economy, taxes, and trade, once ordered the Youngian Senate into session, dismissed it from meeting at will, declared it's agenda, and proposed, rejected, and initated all Senatorial bills. The Emperor also controls, supervises, and can disband the Courts and has the final judicial say. The Emperor can execute, imprison, exile, banish, or confiscate anyone or anything. The Emperor can also issue executive orders and proclamations that have the force of law in the Empire. The Emperor supervises, controls, appoint, and dismisses all officials in the government, and creates, disbands, supervises, and administers all governmental administrations, agencies, commissions, and boards.

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