The Youngian Galaxy is one of quadrillions of galaxies that exist in the universe. The Youngian Galaxy has it's name from the dominant government ruling over it, the Youngian Empire. It has been the setting of many historical wars, conflicts, and events.

The galaxy is about 660,000 light years across, or over 45,000 parsecs, and at least 13 billion years old. A black hole is in the center of the galaxy. The galaxy is orbited by about ten satellite galaxies. These satellite galaxies are small, but have many planets and resources. A Hyperspace disturbance at the edge of the galaxy prevents extra-galactic travel. The Youngian Galaxy has some four hundred globular clusters.

There is about 12 trillion stars and over 80% of these have planets that can support life. Thirty percent of these planets develop life, with sentient life developing in 50/1000 of these (about 40 million). The galaxy is populated by at least 4 quadrillion life-forms.

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