Yunokawa Tetsuya ( Tetsuya Yunokawa) (born October 11, 1979) is a Japanese manga artist. When he first started his career he found himself unable to get his works published. He is currently well known as the writer of the manga series, Masanori.


Yunokawa Tetsuya was born and raised in Nantan, Kyoto, Japan where he grew up in a very troubled household. His mother and father who argued and fought constantly. Tetsuya grew up a very unhappy child in his dysfunctional home and thus needed a way to express himself before falling into a state of depression. A close friend of Tetsuya turned him onto to drawing although at first he wasn't too interested in it. Despite his lack of interest Tetsuya held a great talent for drawing manga characters and drew a variety of one-shots in his youth.

At the age of seventeen Tetsuya's close friend died in a car accident. After the death of his friend he decided that he would become a manga artist in his honor. Yunokawa took his one-shots to a variety of publishers to see that if they could be put in their magazines. At first Yunokawa's work was overshadowed by that of many other apsiring manga artist and he was thus overlooked. Yunokawa was determined even more by his failures and continued working hard so that he may be able to draw a manga could enough to make it into a magazine.

Yunokawa studied a variety of different professional mangas so that he could comprehend the artistic styles and storylines of other artist. Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama was one of Tetsuya's most insipirational resources. After doing much research on the different varities of manga, Yunokawa finally discovered that he wished to write an epic high fantasy manga. Yunokawa reviewed a variety of famous western fantasy literature such as The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia for more inspiration. Yunokawa then wrote a one-shot about a heoric boy by the name of Masanori Tanaka who had discovered a mysterious sword. The one-shot was well recieved and was published into Weekly Shōnen Jump and eventually went on to become the series Masanori.


Name Year(s) Status
Hero Kaiza 1996 Unpublished
The Lookout 1996 Unpublished
Komodo 1996 Unpublished
Backwards 1997 Unpublished
Entrance 1998 Unpublished
Wrath of the Ocean 1998 Unpublished
Calling 1999 Unpublished
Masanori (Pilot) 2000 One-shot
Masanori 2000-present 40 Tankōbon

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