"The Onion Ring"

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October 29, 2010

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The Onion Ring is the fourth episode of the Zoo Bomb Salamander series. It aired along with a special video called The Zoo Bomb Salamander Cursed Onion Ring Tape.


Three zoo bomb salamanders watch an Animal Wonderland video. The lord gave the Obuse 3 points, Agonize Causer 9 points, and K-C Salamander 88 points. The lord chose the winner, K-C Salamander, for the Animal Wonderland.

Four zoo keepers in Animal Wonderland


Zoo keeper #1: "No, true story, true story. But um, that's not why we're here tonight. You guys here about this video?"

Zoo keeper #2:

Zoo keeper #3:

Zoo keeper #4:

Zoo keeper #1: "No! No, this is a different kind of video, okay? You watch this video, and then you get a phone call from a guy, and there's a voice on the other end, and he tells you something, and then the next month, the same day, and the same time, something bad happens to you."

Zoo keepers #2-4: "Woah!"

Zoo keeper #1: " guys wanna watch it?"

Zoo keeper #4: "Uh, yeah."

Zoo keeper #1 shuts off the lights, puts on the tape, and then static comes flashing to a blurry piece of an onion ring. See the tape transcript here.

The video ends and zoo keeper #1 turns the light back on, and ejects the video, and suddenly the phone rings.

Zoo keeper #1: "Hello?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Did you watch the cursed onion ring tape?"

Zoo keeper #1: "Yeah, why?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "October 22." (laughs)

Zoo keeper #1: "What happens on October 22?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "What is your career?"

Zoo keeper #1: "A zoo keeper, why?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "You're an onion ring." (laughs eerily)

Zoo keeper #4: "What was that? What did he say?"

Zoo keeper #1: "I think he just called me... an onion ring."

Narrator: "October 22."

Zoo keeper #4: "Dude, seriously? You know what time it is, right?"

Zoo keeper #1: "Time for a-uh, -nother video?"

Zoo keeper #3: "It's been exactly October 22."

Zoo keeper #2: "Exactly."

Zoo keeper #4: "Remember the phone call from a guy on September 22, right?"'

Zoo keeper #1: "Oh yeah! I wouldn't worry about that."

Suddenly the lights go out, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander chuckles, and the cursed tape turns on showing the well.

Zoo keeper #3: "What was that?"

Zoo keeper #1: "Okay, guys. Where's the remote?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander comes out of the well, and comes closer.

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey!" (laughs)

Zoo keeper #1: "Oh my god."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander actually comes out of the TV screen.

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Guys don't mind if I drop in, do ya?" (laughs)

All zoo keepers: (screaming)

Narrator: "See what happens when we return."

K-C Zoo bomb salamander casts a crazy spell enough times to turn all the zookeepers into onion rings.

Narrator: "October 23."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Well, it's friday. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?"

Onion ring #1: "You turned us into onion rings."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "So?"

Onion ring #2: "We have no arms or legs."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Yeah, all your mothers are vegetables."

Onion ring #1: "Humans! They're humans!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Uh-uh. They can't be humans and foods. Vegetables are foods."

Onion ring #2: "I know! They're not! They're humans! I was a human!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "No, they're not. They're vegetables, like you guys."

Onion ring #2: "We were ever humans too, you moron."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Yeah, and elephants are microwaves." (laughs eerily)

Narrator: "October 24."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Another day, another dollar!" (laughs)

Onion ring #1: "Onion rings don't have any money."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! Hey, onion rings! Hey, onion rings, hey!"

Onion rings: "Not listening. Go away."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Onion rings! Hey! Hey, onion rings!"

Onion rings: "What?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Which one of you is the ringleader?" (laughs)

Onion ring #4: "Go away."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! Hey, small ring! Hey, small ring! Over here!"

Onion ring #3: "What is it?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Your family's king is an onion." (laughs)

Onion ring #3: "My family's king has to die."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Yeah, and hey, hey big ring! Hey, big ring! Over here!"

Onion ring #4: "What?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Your 12th great grandfather's an apple." (laughs)

Onion ring #4: "My 12th great grandfather has to die too, you moron."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Whatever. You were born a-round and no action." (laughs eerily)

Narrator: "October 25."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! The week is over, and hey, hey medium-small onion ring! What did you eat for dinner? Did you eat a calculator with a fork?" (laughs)

Onion ring #2: "What kind of question is that? I don't even have arms. How am I gonna even touch a fork?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! Hey onion rings!"

Onion rings: "What?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Can you do 240 total push-ups in 1 minute?"

Onion ring #1: "What kind of question is that? Point of fact, K-C salamander. None of us have arms. How are we gonna do one push-up? How about how long can you just shut up?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Ooh! Ooh! Let's find out! Start the timer... now!"

After 1.3 seconds, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander starts babbling.

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya-nya-nya....." (laughs eerily)

Narrator "October 26."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! Hey, onion rings! Hey!"

Onion rings: "WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Say hello to orange."

Onion ring #2: "Is that guy always this annoying?"

Opticon: "Yes. But it gets worse when they both use air horns."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Hey! Hey onion rings!"

Onion rings: "WHAT?!"

(K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander and Orange both blow their air horns)

Onion rings: "Aaaah!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander and Orange: "(laughs)"

Onion ring #2: "Why would you do that, man?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Opticon did it."

Onion ring #2: "Opticon didn't do it. I saw you."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Blame Opticon!"

Onion ring #2: "No!"

Orange: "Uh-oh. Guess what, onion rings?"

Onion rings: "What?!"

Orange: "Air horns. (blows the airhorn, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander does the same thing)"

Onion ring #2: "I can't do anything. I can't even hear myself think."

Orange: "It's funny cause it hurts. (laughs eerily with K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander)"

Onion ring #1: "Ugh, this is the worst week ever!"

Narrator: "October 27."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Well, it wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend! (laughs)"

Onion ring #4: "I can't believe it's only Wednesday and started on Friday. All these days feel like such a Thursday."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "What? It can't be wednesday and thursday at the same time."

Onion ring #1: "No, it FEELS like a thursday."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "That's over easy for you to say. (laughs) Which one of you is the ringleader? (laughs)" Pitbull: "(big bark)"

Orange: "(shreiks)"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy now. That's just my dog Pitbull."

Orange: "Why is he eating an onion?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "His favorite food is onion. Is that guy serious? (laughs)"

Onion ring #2: "Hey, orange. Why won't you stop making stupid puns and change us back?"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Because! I like having you a-round! (laughs)"

Onion ring #2: "I quite possibly hate both of you the most, and I also hate the most is both of your stupid puns!"

Orange: "How about a little more colonel cornface and pepper for a bunch of winers? (laughs)"

Onion ring #2: "Listen up. Either you change us or I'm gonna kill you."

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Never! (laughs)"

Orange: "You're an apple. (laughs)"

Onion ring #1: "Ah, I can't take it! Someone end this right now! I can't take anymore stupid puns and life as an onion ring!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Uh-oh. Guess what, onion rings?"

Onion rings: "WHAT, (bleep)?!?!?!"

K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander: "Pitbull."

Onion ring #1: "Yes! I am so outta here!"

Orange: "Uh-oh. Where ya going, onion ring?"

(Pitbull taking onion ring #1)

Onion ring #1: "Yes! Ow, ow--"

(Pitbull taking onion ring #2)

Onion ring #2: "Thank you! End my misery! No more puns! No more--"

(Pitbull taking onion ring #3)

Onion ring #3: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh--"

(Pitbull taking onion ring #4)

Onion ring #4: "I regret nothing! (laughs) Nothing--"


  • Dane Boedigheimer as K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander, Orange
  • Kevin Brueck as Zoo keeper #1
  • Joe Bereta as Zoo keeper #2
  • Jenya Lano as Zoo keeper #3
  • Dan Henian as Zoo keeper #4
  • Bobjenz as Opticon


  • The onion ring crazy spell was "zoo keeper, onion ring-er"

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