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Zaber Ocrist

Zaber Ocrist is the legal name of an original character appearing in the "Code ANGEL Trilogy". He has four names:

  • Zaber Schaffer (his birth name)
  • Zaber Ocrist (his legal name after being adopted)
  • Zaber Hopper (a name he takes on after learning the truth about his family)
  • Z (uses a single letter as a code name - a reference to Deathnote , a manga series he is seen reading over the course of the storyline)

He prefers people to simply call him "Zaber" to avoid confusion.

Zaber is the son of Antea Hopper and Waldo Schaffer. Shortly after he was conceived, the two split, and when he was born, he was told nothing of his father or his older sister, Aelita. After his mother died, he spent time in various orphanages until he was adopted by the Ocrists when he was 8. After being bounced from one boarding school to another for several years, he was enrolled as a border at Catic Academy at the age of 15, where the story of Code ANGEL begins.


Zaber, at first glance, appears to have bi-polar disorder. At one moment he can be a happy-go-lucky individual like Odd, but at others he can become a cold, cruel person with a sharp tounge and thin patience. He does not possess any actual mental dis-order, but simply wears "a happy face" as he goes about his regular life.

Zaber never trusts anyone until he gets to know them, and his investigations into Jeremy Belpois early in the series result in his discovery of the lyoko conspiracy. Although this spying causes the others to distrust him a great deal, he quickly makes efforts to redeem himself that slowly lead to some exceptance. Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich are the first genuine friends he had since his mother's death, which does slightly soften his heart, and he begins to frequently put himself in harm's way to protect them.

Zaber's driving character trait is revenge; an intense desire to find and kill his father. He believes his father killed his older sister, and that his mother's suicide was a result of this. Xana tempts him with information about his father on several occassions, which he very nearly accepts. When he finally encounter his father, he goes to great lenghts to kill him, even going so far as to use Destruction's Left hand in the real world, which could have destroyed the city in his blinded rage.

Upon learning the truth about what actually happened, Zaber gives up his plans for revenge, but cannot shake his intense dislike for his father. After Aelita's death of his father and Aelita at the hands of Xana towards the end of the series, he ultimately performs an act of self-sacrifice... but the question is, was it noble? Or was it revenge?


Zaber posesses a knack for computers and other technology, seemingly a bloodline trait within the Schaffer family. He is more intelligent than the Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich, but less intelligent than Jermey and Aelita. However, he is extremely good at using psychology as a weapon, such as using a non-existent bomb to bluff Xana into submisson in "A Matter of Trust". He also seems to be knowledgable in chemisty, as he constructs an impromptu bomb from common household chemicals in order to distract Hyde in "A Line in the Sand". Above all, Zaber is a somewhat skilled marksman, and always carries a small, concealed handgun. At the close range he tends to fight with though, he seems to be more skilled with it than he acutally is.


Upon traveling to Lyoko, Zaber possesses a pair of dual handguns: "Ebony Sunrise" and "Ivory Sunset". (The weapon names are irrelevant.) His extra ability, "Shadow Speed" allows him to move at an incredibly high speed for short bursts, leaving behind a purple after-image. After the development of the routing system, Zaber is able to transform and acsess these lyoko powers at any time, and in additon becomes resistant to traditional weaponry. (bullets, etc.) He can only be seriouly harmed by lasers, and other weapons that have somehow been electircally charged.

After being infected by Code DEVIL, Zaber gains a new power called "Destruction's Left Hand", which allows him to fire a massive energy blast from his left arm. However, each blast reduces his life-span, and after using all ten blasts, his body will die.

Finally, when his father re-programs his powers just before the final battle, Zaber gains his "bayonet form". In this form, his dual handguns are replaced by a single, "gunblade" style weapon. "Achernon" is a rifle with a sword blade attached to it's barrel. Ahchernon also has a small keypad and monitor attached to it's hilt, allowing Zaber to perform the functions of an operator from inside of Lyoko. Achernon also has a limited capability for surpressed rapid fire. Bayonet form also enables use of the desperation attack "Guilty Light", which replaces Zaber's old "Destruction's Left Hand".

Infinite Crisis

Zaber has yet to make an appearance in Infinite Crisis, although he will be rejoining the story later. It is unclear if he will return to his old "dual gunner" style or maintain "bayonet form". His desperation powers, like "Guilty Light" and "Destruction's Left Hand" may or may not be returning.



Infinite Crisis

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