Zeke Tranis is a Human warrior/gunman and a main protagonist of Devil May Cry: Sparda's Resurrection. He allies with Dante and Vergil so he can find Sparda and become strong enough to defeat his enemies and be able to protect his younger sister from every known attack from minor demons.



Zeke's parents were murdered by an unknown demon when he began to go through the stages of puberty, mainly at age 13, leaving him to protect his younger sister, who was 9 at the time, from the same fate. Zeke had only heard rumors about Sparda over the last 2 out 10 years of protecting his sister. The last thing he heard was that he fell in love with a woman named Eva and gave birth to the Sons of Sparda. After that, he heard he vanished, not believing that he had possibly died of the Human World's natural causes. Believing he can find him, Zeke came across The Figure, who gave him the heavenly firearms, Adam & Eve. The Figure told them to use it if any known demons try to come at her sister. Since then, Zeke had protected his sister from very little threats over the 8 years.

The MissionEdit

Zeke had been searching for Sparda with his sister for 8 years straight, and he had not found any known way to find him, until he remembered the rumor of the Sons of Sparda, Dante and Vergil. Maybe they can help him find Sparda. And so, Zeke now went on to find Dante and Vergil, also realizing that this mission is far more dangerous than the last one, since very few minor demons were sent to annihilate him and his sister. But now, if he finds the sons, there might be demons so powerful, that they might take his sister from him. So, to keep his sister from danger, he left his sister with his former bodyguard, who was highly experienced with demon slayings. The last thing Zeke heard was that Dante had his own shop, which was yet to be named. From where he was, he knew it would only take 2 days to reach that destination. When he finds them, he will make sure that Sparda is found and that he can finally protect his sister from everything. And so, his journey now begins.


Zeke had the appearance of a robed rogue gunman. He has short, wavy, silver hair, black eyes, a beige and brown trench coat with an 8-pronged belt buckle at the waist. Underneath the trench coat with the upper body is a regular black T-shirt with a giant, white cross in the middle. For the lower body, it's a pair of dark blue polyester pants with streak-free, shiny, black leather shoes. Zeke also seems to be wearing thick, brown, comfortable gloves for easier grips and pulls on heavy objects that might block an entrance or get in his way altogether. What's also not seen is that Zeke has an average muscle tone with a large scar running down his entire left arm. He also has a tattoo of black angel wings on his forehead that is completely covered by his flowing silver hair, giving the possible theory that one of Zeke's parents might be an angel or partially angel by their parents, or any other possible theory that can be found out by extensive family research or by finding it on his own. What is also not seen is two extremely long open-faced scars on the first and third quartiles on his back between his vertebrae, possibly furthering the theory that he might be an actual angel, but it is still uncertain.


At age 13, when he was protecting his sister, Zeke was always the protective one, making sure his 9-year-old sister was safe and not injured in any way. Even after he gave her to his former bodyguard, he was still the worried type that the bodyguard wouldn't protect her for long. His personality then changed when he had his latest mission. It changed drastically because of his lust for power, even though his mission isn't seen like that. Being power-hungry was now the second thing on his mind, feeling that if he finds Sparda, he will become more powerful, enough so his sister would truly be protected. This personality was the only dark side of him, but it was always overcome by the good side of his personality, which was worry about his sister's life. The dark side of his personality is also countered everytime he uses the heavenly firearms Adam & Eve, which temporarily relieve him of that personality and temporarily raises his worry over his sister. However, the dark side is what actually causes Zeke to have a dark personality, since it connects with his worry about his sister. The possible angel side of him has an all-good personality, only worrying about fighting until his last breath, fighting for the safety of the Human World. As time progresses, Zeke might have a change of heart every now and then.


With the possibility of Zeke being an offspring of parents who could be partially an Angel, unlike the Devil Trigger, Zeke has the possibility of unlocking an Angel Trigger, which is only available to one who have both Angel and Human blood. At the moment, it is unknown whether or not Zeke may have an Angel Trigger, but as time passes, more clues in the story about the answer will help reveal it.

Angel Trigger: Adam & EveEdit

This is his first possible Angel Trigger and the most common at the moment.


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