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Zelda Tepes
Age: 8-18 (CP:SB)
23-24 (CP:SG)
Born: Yuisk 30, 4518 AFZ
Race: Vampire (Zyorite)
Home Country: Transylvania
Hometown: Valahiei
Nationality: Transylvanian
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue (left)
Crimson (right)
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 86B-72W-80H
Spouse: Lucian Tepes
Issue: Eduard Tepes
Aurora Tepes
Isabella Tepes
Nicholas Tepes
Phoebe Tepes
Religion: Vampiric Pantheon
Affiliation: Order of Eden
Tepes Dynasty
Allies: Order of Eden
Fellow Lunaculi
Enemies: Chaos Order
Powers & Abilities: Blood Memory Reading.
Vampiric hearing, smell & agility.
Master Marksmanship.
Loves: Her Family
Hates: Chaotics
Weapon(s) of Choice: Crepuscul
Zedylrian Steel dagger
Various tools
Battles/Wars: Ragendorf Rebellion
-Battle of Castle Argint
Purist Uprising
-Battle of Montrebeau
-Siege of St. Croix
-Incident at Mt. St. Fleur
-Siege of Garvis
War of A&J Aggression
Status: Queen of Transylvania
Lunaculus of Eurodon
Leader of OKE Transylvania

Zelda Alucard Loredana Teodora Margareta Tepes (Patrian ZPatrian EPatrian LPatrian DPatrian A Patrian APatrian LPatrian UPatrian CPatrian APatrian RPatrian D Patrian LPatrian OPatrian RPatrian EPatrian DPatrian APatrian NPatrian A Patrian TPatrian EPatrian OPatrian DPatrian OPatrian RPatrian A Patrian MPatrian APatrian RPatrian GPatrian APatrian RPatrian EPatrian TPatrian A Patrian TPatrian EPatrian PPatrian EPatrian S), is a non-pureblood Zyorite Vampire born into the House Tepes Dynasty of Transylvania. She is the reigning Queen Regnant of Transylvania, and the lunaculus of Eurodon. She is also a member of the Order of Eden, and the leader of the Transylvanian guild.

Zelda is also known by her regnal name "Zelda VI," and was later given the epithet "Zelda the Great" after her return from the Great Northern Aquilonis War. She also bears the nickname "Silver Bat," from which her personal knightly order draws it's name, but she dislikes being called by that.



Zelda resembles her mother greatly. She has natural silver platinum blonde hair and pale skin, and is tall and slender.

Known Clothing

As Queen; in public, or at important meetings away from battle, Zelda normally wears a velvet long-sleeved, black dress with silver embroidering. During winter, this same type of dress is made of wool.

At balls, she wears a more elaborate black and silver ball-gown that leaves her shoulders exposed. She also wears matching long dress-gloves, silver earrings and a crinoline with the said dress. She also wears a necklace with a pendant displaying her royal sigil. Her hair is also tied in a halo braid with a bun while wearing either attire.

The crown she wears, when needed, is a silver ring with a bat-shaped head with rubies for eyes in the center and a sapphire on the the forehead; the rest of the ring is shaped like a pair of inverted bat wings with the "fingers" making up the points. Many small diamonds are made into where the joints of the "wings". Being married, Zelda also wears a gold ring on her left ring finger.

Her OKE attire is black pants and a blue shirt with the order's Emblem on it over mail along with leather armor consisting of spaulders, chest guard, vambraces and greaves that's been darkened for camouflage. As an OKE assassin she wears a hooded black shirt and pants over mail along with the same armor. When in this attire, she ties her hair into a single braid down her back.

When going incognito, Zelda wears a simple silk black dress (wool in colder times) with a grey sash and a grey hooded cloak.

Zelda wears heels in her Queen and ballgown attire, but wears leather boots in all others.

Zelda Sigil

Zelda's personal royal sigil

When leading her armies on the battlefield, she wears Zedylrian steel plate armor over a hauberk. Her helmet is an armet with bat wings on the sides, and her breastplate is a custom-made cuirass that's been shaped for her breasts; the rest of her armor consists of faulds, pauldrons, rerebraces, couters, gauntlets, cuisses, poleyns, greaves, and sabatons. Her personal royal sigil is embossed on the front of her breastplate, and she wears a black cape with silver edges. When in armor, she wears her hair in a halo braid with a bun, same as when she dresses royally.


Zelda grew up the first several years of her life sheltered and ignorant of the outside world. As such, she scared easily and often found herself in need of aide.

After joining the Order of Knights of Eden, her training made her grow more confident in herself, becoming a straightforward person, to the point that she was able to kill an opponent without fear.

Though a natural leader, Zelda has no desire for leadership. She is more willing to let someone else take the reins, but her inability to defy her people leads her to fill the power vacuum instead. And as queen, unlike most other monarchs who normally let others run the kingdom in their stead, her reign is characterized by being more involved with domestic and foreign affairs. When in her own kingdom, she normally meets ambassadors personally instead of letting someone represent her.

Being a straightforward person, Zelda had almost no spirituality before meeting her Ingodijan counterpart, and therefore was unable to call upon her past lives for guidance until that point.

Zelda was also notorious for having a lack of confidence and self-doubt. Before and after her coronation, Zelda expressed her feelings of unworthiness to be reigning monarch. After the Incident at Mount St. Fleur, it eventually reached the point that she, feeling as if she'd done little-to-nothing for the Alliance in the Great Northern Aquilonis War, decided to abdicate her throne. But her achievement of pulling Crepuscul from its pedestal drove all such doubts from her mind.

As a wife and mother, Zelda loves her family deeply. However, her love for them tends to lead her to act purely on blind emotion when she feels they are threatened. One example being, when her children were held hostage by the enemy during the Battle of Garvis, she almost gave in to the enemy's demands, and later trying to run off on a suicidal rescue mission, before being talked out of it.


Zelda is a natural leader, being able to come up with plans, sometimes on the spot, to hit the enemy where it hurts.

Thanks to her knight and assassin training with the Order of Eden, combined with her natural vampiric heritage, Zelda is extremely agile, even for a vampire. This makes her a skilled free runner, and thus she can quickly navigate rooftops and other terrain with ease. She can also land lightly on her feet from a height of two stories.

Like all vampires, Zelda possesses extraordinary healing abilities. As such, wounds and injuries that would normally take days, weeks or months to heal, heal within minutes, hours, or within a few days, depending on the extent of the injury. Zelda also has enhanced hearing and sense of smell.

However, Zelda is a Zyorite Vampire, and therefore is still a mortal being, and can't survive fatal injuries. Examples being a fall from a higher height than her vampiric biology allows, or massive injury to a vital organ such as her heart. Also, being a non-pureblood, she doesn't have the ability turn humans into vampires by bite. She can, however, turn other beings inot vampires by feeding them her blood, an ability possessed by all natural-born vampires, regardless of ancestry.

As a lunaculus, Zelda has the ability to read a person's memories when she tastes their blood. This ability is normally only possessed by Narkpiors, but Zelda is the sole known exception. When she taps into her inner self, Zelda is able to spontaneously create and manipulate ice. Later on she discovered she also possesses electrokinesis.

Zelda is also polylingual; she is able to speak Zedylric, her primary language; and Vampiric, her racial native; and understands enough Elthar, the language of elves, to hold a conversation.

Equipment and Skills



Zelda was trained as a knight and an assassin with the OKE. As an assassin Zelda can expertly use many assassination tools and weapons; and as a knight, Zelda knows how to use a blade to efficiency, be it swords, or daggers. Zelda is also an excellent markswoman, and can hit a target with pinpoint accuracy using arrows or throwing knives.

With bows, Zelda can accurately hit a target up to 300 meters away, depending on the quality of the weapon. She knows how to handle fire arrows as well. However, she prefers normal arrows over fire arrows due to their low reliability. Zelda also knows how to handle other black powder weapons like bombs and grenades, and craft them as well.

Out in the field, Zelda usually carries a sword and Zedylrian Steel dagger, a belt of throwing knives, and a crossbow on her back. When Zelda goes into battle wearing full plate-armor, she also uses a large Heater Shield embossed with her Royal Crest.

Zelda is also capable of near perfect stealth. Even while her appearance would normally stick out, she is capable of hiding herself from view and maintaining stealth.

When Zelda started out as an Edener, she used a common Longsword as one of her belt-weapons. In late-4541 AFZ, upon a brief return to Transylvania during the Great Northern Aquilonis War, Zelda plucked the legendary Zedylrian Steel sword, Crepuscul, from its stone. Doing so also relieved her of her doubts about her worthiness for the throne, and has used it ever since.


Early Years

Zelda Tepes was born in Castle Argint to Victor and Oliva Tepes on Yuisk 30th 4518 AFZ.

For the first seven years of her life, under the care of her parents and her handmaiden Bianca Schmitz, Zelda lived as any other princess, carefree and happy, yet maintained a caring heart.

In 4526, her life took a drastic turn when her parents and grandfather were murdered during a coup d'état attempt, orchestrated by her uncle Gustav; that same coup almost killed her too. Zelda was traumatized when Olivia was killed in front of her when she protected Zelda from death. Less than a month after the coup, Zelda was again saved from assassination by Bianca and fled Castle Argint.

Joining the Order of Eden

Shortly into their flight from the castle, Zelda met the Bayer family, whom would eventually become her strongest supporters, and their son her husband. The Bayers protected Zelda and Bianca from the guards who eventually tracked them to the house, and allowed them to continue on their journey.

A week into their ride across Transylvania, Zelda and Bianca lost their horse when the were ambushed by pursuing soldiers. The following morning they were greeted by a traveling merchant named Konrad, who gave them room to travel with him to Gritsburg.

A few days later, Konrad sold them out to the Chaotics, but this was foiled by the timely intervention of the local Edeners in Gritsburg. Zelda was then brought to their den and listened to them talk about the current Eden-Chaos Conflict, but understood little. After the meeting, Zelda was brought to Pompeii to sail to Toscanelli, which went smoothly save for an attack by Borgian ships on the last day.

When Zelda and Bianca finally arrived in Siena, Zelda was fully told of the Eden-Chaos War, and how her own uncle was one of them. Eight-year-old Zelda pledged herself to the order that day.

Over the following eight years, Zelda undertook many assignments as a squire and assassin in her quest to become a true member of the order, striking down Emilio de Montague (Co-Prince of Verona), Giorgio Quario (a corrupt cardinal in the Holy Papal Empire), and many more.

Returning to Transylvania

In 4534, eight years after she left Transylvania, sixteen-year-old Zelda earned her rank and title as a full member of the Order of Eden, just as she learned that her homeland was on the brink of civil war, and war with the neighboring High Elven kingdom of Galgolitia. Deciding that he had to act, Zelda left Toscanelli for the mainland.

Arriving in Galgolitia first, Zelda tracked down the Glagolitian Edeners near the border with Transylvania. There she was reunited with Bianca, whom she hadn't seen in four years. Zelda was also reunited with her aunt, Ana Torje, her mother's younger sister. After dispatching a Chaotic attack, Zelda stayed there for a month to help get the Order of Eden branch organized.

A month after arriving on the mainland, Zelda finally returned to Transylvania. After tracking down the rebellion, Zelda was reunited with Heinrich, whom she would share command of the rebellion with. A little more than a week later, Zelda led an Edener assassin team into Castle Argint while the rebel army marched into Valahiei. When she, and a fellow Edener named Ariana, cornered Gustav in his chambers, Zelda learned some truths before Gustav outwitted her enough to escape the room.

During the Battle of Castle Argint Zelda stood up above watching it unfold; all the while trying to help using her crossbow, as well as cutting down a few royal guards that found her, before she spotted Gustav trying to make a getaway.

Getting to him just in time, Zelda forced him into the forest beside the castle and finished him off, but not before learning that her true target, Chaos Lord Edward Darach Ainsworth, had vanished.

With the battle done and Gustav's life ended, Zelda returned to the reclaimed castle. There she was greeted by her followers and properly introduced to her young cousins. She was also reunited with her grandmother, Queen Dowager Liliana Tepes, for the first time in eight years.

Becoming A Queen, Wife and Mother

For the first month after Gustav's fall, Zelda stepped into the role of a sovereign but was reluctant to officially assume the throne. Despite the fact that many wanted her to be Queen Regnant, Zelda felt uncertain that she was worthy to be one.

After a few weeks of personal debate, Zelda visited her grandmother and Liliana told her that she was more worthy than anyone. The chanting "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!" by the crowd outside finally convinced Zelda to officially take the throne. One of her first acts was to appoint Heinrich and Alaric Bayer as Voivode and Prime Minister respectively. Not long after her coronation, Zelda was appointed the new leader of the Transylvanian Edeners, taking over from a retiring Ewan.

A few months into her reign, shortly before the end of the year 4534, Zelda was tested for the first time when purity supremacist Count Dragoslav Nemetz, a Chaotic, instigated a revolt against her reign. Zelda and her fellow Edeners easily brought down Nemetz and his officers, while her army, under Heinrich's command, defeated the rebel army.

A week after her return from putting down the rebellion, Zelda met with the new Ambassadors from the State of the Teutonic Order (Ordensstaat), which included Heinrich's son Lucian. When Zelda finally gazed upon Lucian's face for the first time since they met as children, Zelda felt love at first sight to him, and the look on Lucian's face said that it was mutual. Zelda was initially reluctant to admit it, but accepted that she deserved to love someone after all he'd been through.

Over the next few weeks until the end of the year, Zelda made advances toward Lucian as discreetly as she could, finally convincing him to interact with her. Lucian was a bit reluctant due to their differing social statuses, but Zelda persisted and declared her feelings for him. Lucian eventually gave in and assured her that the feelings were mutual, and Zelda convinced Lucian to make love to her, but Lucian was still reluctant to call Zelda by her name.

Their night of passion together was exposed the following week, which resulted in some political backlash that Zelda just barely managed to silence. At the New Year's Ball the following evening, Zelda danced with Lucian in front of everybody, making it clear to all that she had found her groom. When Zelda snuck away with Lucian for a few minutes amidst a distraction, they laid out more of their feeling for one another and Lucian proposed marriage, which Zelda immediately agreed.

However, their romance was interrupted when, as Zelda made the announcement to the ballroom occupants, a trio of rebel assassins tried to kill Zelda, only for Lucian to step in the way and take the hits himself. Zelda's aunt Ana treated Lucian the best she could but told Zelda he might not survive the night. Being left alone with Lucian, Zelda berated him for doing that just as they were happy, then remembered something she read in a book: that any natural-born vampire could turn a human by feeding them their blood. Deciding it was Lucian's only chance, Zelda gave her blood to Lucian. The next morning, Luican woke up as a vampire fully healed, much to Zelda's glee. Two weeks later, Zelda and Lucian were married.

On Windoni 8th 4536 AFZ, Zelda gave birth to her first son, Eduard. And two years later, on Trisca 15th 4538, Zelda gave birth to her first daughter, Aurora.

Going off to War



House Tepes

  • Victor Alexandru Hildebrand Dragomir Gheorghe Tepes: Victor Tepes (4498 AFZ - 4526 AFZ), a Pure-blood Zyorite Vampire, was Zelda's father.
  • Olivia Tepes: Olivia Tepes (née Torje) (4500 AFZ -4526 AFZ), a human-turned-vampire, was Zelda's Mother.
  • Waldemar III Tepes: Waldemar III was Victor's father and Zelda's paternal grandfather. A pureblood Zyorite Vampire, he initially tried to uphold old traditions to send Zelda and her parents away when she was born, but changed his mind once Zelda was identified the lunaculus of Eurodon.
  • Liliana Tepes: Liliana (née Baldwin) is Waldemar's widow, thus Queen Dowager of Transylvania, Victor's mother and Zelda's paternal grandmother. She is supportive of her granddaughter, yet still tried to see her married in the old fashioned way.
  • Luican Adam Tepes: Lucian Tepes (né Bayer), born 4519 AFZ, a human-turned-vampire via an unorthodox method, is Zelda's beloved husband, thus her King consort, and the father of their five children.
  • Eduard Augustin Romulus Avram Florin Tepes: Eduard Tepes, born Windoni 8th, 4536 AFZ, is Zelda's son and her first child with Lucian.
    • Cathleen Taileflaith Tepes: Cathleen Tepes (née O'Donoghue), born Gopaco 4537 AFZ, a vampiress from a nouveau riche family from Hibernia, is the wife of Eduard, thus Zelda's daughter-in-law.
  • Aurora Ramona Lavinia Eugenia Felicia Tepes: Aurora Tepes, born Trisca 15th 4538 AFZ, is Zelda's first daughter and her second child with Lucian.
  • Isabella Valeria Adriana Ekaterina Constance Tepes: Isabella "Belle" Tepes, born Canagyr 3rd 4543 AFZ, is Zelda's second daughter and third child with Lucian. She was born approximately a year after Zelda returned from the Great Northern Aquilonis War.
  • Nicholas Ivan Ratimir Obrad Stoyan Tepes: Nicholas Tepes, born Gopaco 10th 4547 AFZ, is Zelda's second son and fourth child with Lucian. Twin brother of Phoebe.
  • Phoebe Cornelia Roberta Marina Oksana Tepes: Phoebe Tepes, born Gopaco 10th 4547 AFZ, is Zelda's third daughter and fifth child with Lucian. Twin sister of Nicholas.
  • Damir & Maria Tepes: Damir & Maria, born 4529 and 4530 AFZ respectively, are Zelda's cousins by her paternal uncle, Gustav.
  • Adalgisa Hildegarde Kerstin von Reinhardt: Adalgisa von Reinhardt is a Narkpior Vampire of Germanian origin, and is at least 900 years old. She is the ancestor of Zelda and the progenitor of the Tepes line, along with at least three other vampiric lineages. After hibernating for a few centuries, Zelda reluctantly awakened Adalgisa to help her and her allies in a time of crisis.

Torje Family

  • Ana Torje: Ana (born 4503 AFZ) is Zelda's aunt by her mother's side. Following the Ragendorf Rebellion, she is now the Royal Court Pharmacist of Transylvania.

House Bayer

  • Heinrich Bayer: Heinrich is the father of Lucian and Sonja, and thus Zelda's father-in-law. Following the Ragendorf Rebellion, which he founded, he was appointed the Voivode of Transylvania by Zelda. He is the first person to hold the title in 300 years, and the first human to do so.
  • Ingrid Bayer: Ingrid is Heinrich's wife and Lucian and Sonja's mother, thus Zelda's mother-in-law.
  • Sonja Bayer: Sonja is Lucian's younger sister, and thus Zelda's sister-in-law. After the Ragendorf Rebellion, she became a priestess of the Vampiric Pantheon. Years later, she became the Grand Archpreistess of the Pantheon, second only to the Pope.
  • Alaric Bayer: Heinrich's brother. Zelda appointed him Prime Minister of Transylvania following the Ragendorf Rebellion. He later retired after Zelda returned from the Great Northern Aquilonis War.


  • Karl Siegfried Frederick Robert Gerald Marcus von Askanier: Prince Karl von Askanier (born 4538 AFZ) is a member of the Germanian Imperial family. He was taken as a hostage/ward by Zelda following Transylvania's victory in the War of Askanier & Jagiellon Aggression.
  • Ryszard Krystian Jagiellon‎: Prince Ryszard Jagiellon ‎(born 4541 AFZ) is a member of the Lechian Imperial family. He was taken as a hostage/ward by Zelda following Transylvania's victory in the War of Askanier & Jagiellon Aggression.

Friends & Allies

  • Bianca Schmitz:



  • Zelda's full regnal title is: Zelda of the House Tepes, Sixth of her name, Queen Regnant of Transylvania, & Protector of the Valahieian Realm of Vampires.
  • Zelda's silver platinum blonde hair is a dominate trait which comes from her maternal grandmother's side. Zelda's aunt Ana also has sliver platinum blonde hair.
  • Zelda is a feminine name of Teutonic origin, roughly meaning "Gray haired battle maiden." Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards, and her three latter middle names are all Romanian feminine names.
  • Zelda's mother, Olivia, had green eyes while her father, Victor, had brown. If Zelda hadn't been born a lunaculus, she would've been born with green eyes.
    • Of Zelda's five children, Isabella alone inherited Olivia's green eyes.
Preceded by
Tiberius Sergius Ignatius
Lunaculus of Eurodon
4518 AFZ – Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Victor Tepes
Heir Apparent of Transylvania
4518 AFZ – 4526 AFZ
Succeeded by
Damir Tepes
Preceded by
Damir Tepes
Heir Apparent of Transylvania
Gopaco – Jesoran 4534 AFZ
Succeeded by
Eduard Tepes
Preceded by
Gustav Tepes
Head of House Tepes
4534 AFZ – Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Gustav Tepes
Monarch of Transylvania
4534 AFZ – Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Ewan Tark
Leader of the Order
of Eden in Transylvania

4534 AFZ – Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Dralhon Valahiei
Wielder of Crepuscul
4541 AFZ – Present
Succeeded by