In the science fiction series Galaxy Babylon, the Zerdans are a race of humanoids from the planet Zerda in the Babylon Galaxy. After their contact with humans in Alliances, the Zerdan sent Gar'ann to learn about the people of Earth. In Betrayal the Zerdan help the Babylon Team fight the Gah'lir (Galaxy Babylon).



The Zerdan were believed to have begun societies on Zerda in 670 BC on the human calendar, but 5566 FD on the Zerdan calendar. In the episode Devolution 56% of the Zerdan people are plagued by the ZX Virus decimated by the Gah'lir (Galaxy Babylon). Most Zerdan wield fen-staves, weapons made to be only properly used by the Zerdan, and are skilled warriors. Most Zerdan are about six foot three and tower over humans and other races.


The Zerdan appear almost human, except for the small fins above their ears. They are a race capable of swimming under water for long periods of time. They have enchanced agility and resistance and males speak with deep voices, whereas females speak with normal ones. The ZX Virus seems to target the enhanced Zerdan lungs in the episode Devolution, and would have killed more than half of the species if the Babylon Team had not intervened.


The Zerdan seemto speak English after meeting humans, but have a written down language of their own. It can be seen on the walls of the temple in the episodes Alliances and Devolution.


The Zerdan are only about a few centuries more advanced then Earth, as they possess high-tec guns and ships. They replicate the Kienerman Portal so they can travel to Earth.

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